Friday, December 29, 2006

Reflections On This Year That Was

It's almost time to bring 2006 to a close, and as always I find my thoughts drifting back over this past year. So many things course through my brain as I take stock of this year that was. Naturally, as I take to the keys to reflect here, my thoughts are those about which I usually write - sharing Dee with her lovers. Dee surpassed the 200 mark of total extramarital, sexual experiences as she made love with her guys on 40 separate occasions in 2006.

Can it really be over already?

I've written a lot here so often about our evenings with Mike and Don so I don't need to say much more about them now except to reiterate that their friendship to us makes what we share with each of them amazingly special all around. Dee made love with Mike 29 times in 2006, and we celebrated his 100th time of making love with Dee. Don and Dee made love 20 times this year and have been together over 130 times since that night when he became Dee's first new lover since our wedding day.

I think I can say with certainty that somehow our relationships with Don and Mike deepend over the course of 2006. So much so that we've played with them almost exclusively and put hardly any energies into trying to meet with anybody new. Our weekly trysts with Don and/or Mike have become so perfectly comfortable that what they might lack in excitement on a day when we're all in a mellower mood are more than made up for with the ease of knowing that nobody's going to come away disappointed.

Bill came down from New England to share an evening with us back in February. He's made love with Dee a few times over the past couple of years. His visit this year was the first on which he invited me to suck his cock and I was just wowed when I realized how much his girth increases at the base of his dick. That he once managed to fuck Dee in the ass with that thick beauty strains my sense of credulity, but she sure enjoyed it when he did.

Mack was Dee's only new lover this year, in September, and his was the first condom clad cock that Dee's welcomed into her pussy since before we got married. We figured it was about time for us to be more careful, at least until we know if a guy's going to be a one shot wonder or somebody who sticks around with us over time as a genuine friend. Mack was very comfortable about me sucking his cock and as Dee hovered over him with her eager pussy waiting I sure enjoyed getting him nice and stiff and then sliding the rubber down over his dick before guiding it up into her. We hope to see him again, though recent weeks have been somewhat crazy with holiday preparations and such taking up a lot of our time. Perhaps we'll see him soon.

Mark, a very dear friend of ours from our college days came out to watch Dee make love with Don and Mike back in June. We're still awaiting a good opportunity for him and Dee to be intimate. When we had a small party of college friends here at the house back in August Mark kissed Dee long and deep as he was getting ready to leave. Hopefully, he'll take advantage of our long standing invitation for him to bed Dee before '07 is a memory.

I finally sucked a cock to orgasm and swallowed back in April when I met with Dave and enjoyed a full hour of naked play with him at a local motel. As I was sucking his cock he gave me what was undoubtedly the best hand job I've ever gotten in my entire life when he sucked me to the verge of orgasm and then brought me off with his closed fist. Although I'd already made up my mind that I was going to make him cum in my mouth, I was even more eager to feel him ejaculate into my throat when he made me spray all over the bed life a run-away fire hose. Unfortunately, it seems that that will have been a one time thing.

And, I finally got my ass fucked long, hard, and deep after trying unsuccessfully on a number of occasions to take a cock balls deep between my buns. One small goal for '07 - to have a guy cum in my ass.

On the downside of things was the pain and discomfort which led Dee to having surgery in late July. Thankfully that went well and she's doing much better now though the usual aches and pains of her chronic condition are still with us and often dictate how "acrobatic" a particular evening of sex might get.

One of the worst things that happened in 2006 was getting a text message from Don in late April telling us that Gloria had passed away. She and her husband Brad were the first married couple that Dee and I had ever played with, and although we knew them only casually both Dee and I felt a huge loss with her passing. We'll remember her always as a beautiful, sweet person who brightened our lives as we treasure the memories of the intimate moments we both shared with her.

We have no resolutions for the new year. The best Dee and I can hope is that we can go on as we have for the past four and a half years as madly in love with each other as we've been since July of '02 when all the miracles happened to make us fall in love all over again. To keep having the fun we've been having with our friends. For next year's reflection here to be full of mostly positive thoughts.

Thank you to all of you who've been along with us on this journey here at the blog and in the mails with Dee and me - for your role in enriching everything for us by allowing us to share the details and images of our extraordinary marriage with you. For allowing us another year of virtually shouting from the rooftops all the joy that we share with each other and with our special friends.
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Banana Boy said...

I'm still jealous that you had the chance to get filled up!
Here's to 2007, and the fun and love that you and Dee will both share.

Mac said...

What a year! ! It will be hard to improve on it except maybe Dee won't have any medical problems. Happy New Year, you two.

Leprechaun said...

Happy New Year and may the very best of love and intimacy be yours
Aloha, bob