Thursday, January 18, 2007

Better On This Bed

Mike will be joining us here at our home this evening for our weekly "date night." Having one of the guys make love with Dee on our own bed is always special to us. Following is something Dee and I both wrote to share with our online friends a few days after the first time she made love with Don in our bedroom, barely a month after their very first time together. It happened on a rare Saturday when we were to have the house to ourselves.

A moment in time from that first time Dee gave herself to
Don on our own bed, as she will do to Mike later today.

Dee's Account of Saturday:

When Don e-mailed that he wouldn't be available on Friday as he thought he would be I was very disappointed. My disappointment was short lived, however, when we realized that Saturday was available to all of us as our kids had plans to be out all day.

When our date was agreed upon and the details planned, Joe and I went shopping. I know the point of our meetings is to be without our clothes on, but sexy outfits make a difference in my attitude and I hope they jump start my guys too!

In an e-mail to Don I had asked him what he would like: sexy undies, no undies, or sexy nightie. He replied with sexy undies. After choosing the right pair of panties and knowing we had a swim party on Sunday, Joe and I decided to trim the hair around my pussy. I hate when the hair peeks out around bathing suits.

Friday night Don and I exchanged mails counting down the time until we could be with each other. Eagerly awaiting his arrival I did things every woman does. When I dressed I put on a pair of denim shorts with the black, thong, satin panties on underneath. Next I put on my new tank top without a bra. I would wait until my daughter left to put on the new skirt.

About a half hour before Don was expected I heard a noise out on the street so I looked out the front window. Don was here, but so was my daughter! Thinking quickly I suggested that Don and I take the dog for a walk to avoid the kid. While out with our dog Don and I stole some kisses in a hidden spot by a neighbor's garage. Since I was not wearing a bra, Don took advantage of the location and rubbed my breast in eager anticipation of what would come.

By the time we got back Joe's car was gone so I knew he was taking our daughter to her scheduled practice. When Don and I got in the house I started kissing him. First he pushed me away so he could ask where the kid was.

I told him I had to get a cooler ready as I get very thirsty during our sessions and I didn't want to have to leave the bedroom. Joe got home before I got the cooler packed so I took advantage of this and said that I was going upstairs while Joe finished with the cooler. Don and I went upstairs where he kissed me briefly.

He knew I was wearing sexy undies and wanted to see them. He undid my shorts and pushed them down. He gasped appreciatively at my pussy and ass in my choice of panties. When Joe entered the room I was standing in front of Don kissing him while he was rubbing my ass and legs. I undid the buttons on his shirt and helped him to pull it off. While I laid it on the dresser he quickly undressed and we met on the bed, me still in the black satin panties and tank top.

We laid on the bed kissing and petting. Don is always gentle and tender. I was on my back so Don climbed on top of me, and holding the crotch of my panties to the side licked my pussy while I sucked and licked his cock and balls. I signaled to Joe to bring some whipped cream over to add moisture to Don's cock. Joe then joined us in the fun. The feelings of love and being loved are so wonderful.

I needed the rest of my clothes off as they were interfering with my fun. Don finished undressing me, caressing my breasts as he removed my shirt and rubbed my pussy as he slipped my panties off my hips. The scent of my arousal hung heavily in the room.

I don't want this to be a play-by-play so I will close by telling you my favorite part. Joe and I were in a 69 position with me on top. Don entered me from behind and leaned forward to kiss me. While there he and I shared Joe's cock between kisses.

I know some of you might not like this scene, but I found it highly erotic and loving. The point of being with both guys is shared pleasure for all of us and I thought the day was a beautiful example of that and am still basking in the afterglow three days later. I will end here and allow Joe to add his point of view. Enjoy!

Joe's Account:

I couldn't have been more thrilled with how Saturday fell into place with Don having a few hours free and with our kids both having plans to be away for the day. Though it had been my fantasy for years to watch Dee fuck another man I wasn't prepared for the richness of emotion that I experienced the first time she was with Don and he didn't fuck her but made love to her. I loved the look on her face as he did so - so utterly content and blissful in feeling his gentle touches, soft kisses and caring licks and nibbles. Thus, I couldn't have been happier knowing that on Saturday we could invite him here to our home and have him make love with Dee in our own bed. The significance of that was profound to me.

Our bed was given to me as a child when I graduated from being in a crib. It had belonged to my grandparents when they married in the late 1920's, and the first love making that I shared with a girl happened in that same bed - the very same one upon which Dee and I consumated our marriage on our wedding night. For how Don makes love to her, it seemed most fitting that he would do so upon that same bed that has such special meaning to me. For that fact alone I was excited and counting down the hours myself until Don would arrive.

As Dee said she went upstairs as I got the cooler ready. Don had stayed with me for a little while, but I told him to head on up as I finished packing the drinks and ice for the little "picnic" we'd have upstairs. I know she likes to spend a little alone time with him so I dallied a bit, even smoking another cigarette before I went up to join them.

When I got to the room, Don was sitting on the cedar chest with Dee standing in front of him in just her tank top and black thong. Her pants were at her ankles and he was running his hands over her buns and legs as they kissed. When all of this started I wasn't sure how I'd feel about seeing her kissing another man, believing that I could more easily handle seeing his cock in her pussy than his lips on hers. Because of having witnessed in the first time they were together how sweet and magical their kisses are it wasn't a problem at all. They fit in perfectly with the slow and gentle intimacy that Don and Dee share, and without them it wouldn't be making love as it is.

Yes, Dee does like the arousing feelings of being lusted and hungered for, but she needs to know that the man who's undressing her and touching her body cares about her as a person and not just as a plaything. Don does and his every move excites her both physically and emotionally. For as much time as they spend conjoined with mouths, pussy, ass and cock, my eyes are drawn equally to studying the look on her face - the very look I'd hoped she'd wear in opening our marriage to this possibility - the look that tells me that she's experiencing in this exactly what I'd hoped she would. I am transfixed the same by the look on Don's face as he gazes at her adoringly while they make love.

The 69 they shared with Don on top was the first of its kind for them and it was especially arousing to me to see Don's hard cock poking downward and being licked and sucked by her tender tongue and lips. I'll admit that there's a lot of "thinking" that goes through my head when they're together like that and it's highly erotic to me in thinking, for example, that the very tongue and lips that kissed me back when Dee was 19 are now giving intense pleasures to another man's cock - that whatever precum he's oozing is mixing with her saliva inside her mouth, and so on.

I'm reluctant to admit because of the anonymous, insecure homophobes who seem to abound on the net and who seem to take great delight in name calling, but not because I have any personal qualms about admitting it, that the first time I watched Dee suck Don's cock I was fascinated - to the point of finding myself wanting to do it along with her. We talked about that after that first time and I confessed how I had felt to Dee. She was most open to my candor and although she wasn't sure if she could handle it or not invited me to join in the next time if I wanted to. I did then, and I did on Saturday too. Thus not long after they got into their 69 I was tending to Don's balls with my own tongue. I believe that part of how spending time with Don brings Dee and me closer together to each other is in this very intimate sharing with our faces only inches apart and giving Don pleasure at the same time.

Although on paper I probably would have found thoughts of sucking another man's cock repulsive, given the situation in which it happened it felt as natural and right as seeing Dee kissing him or taking his cock into her ass, as it did when on Saturday Don returned the favors to me as well. Although I'd intended to pen here the play-by-play that Dee didn't write, at this point that's become less important. I'd like to indulge the reader just a bit further in expressing what seems to be Dee's and my emerging collective philosophy about sharing.

For most of my life, being a typical guy, I'd tended to divorce sex from emotion and love, believing that sex by itself was a perfect end in itself. During our "lost years" when Dee hated sex, love was love and consisted of things like me taking out the garbage or her mending a pair of my pants. We expressed our love by doing the day to day things that made each others' lives a little easier, but it wasn't emotional love. And our sex was just sex. It was perfunctory and functional and done with the same kind of love without emotion as most of the other things we did together. What we've recently discovered, in a sense for the very first time in twenty years, is the balance in which love, emotion, and sex can come together to make each of us feel fulfilled not only in accordance with our natural tending to physical urges, but as persons blessed with the ability to share the powerful emotions that enrich our personhood and which raise sex to the incomparable sharing of self with another that it's supposed to be.

Thus, when I see the look on Dee's face as she's staring into Don's eyes as his cock glides slowly in and out of her pussy or her ass, it lifts both of us up - her in feeling and me in witnessing that level of perfect intimacy that sex should ideally achieve. I am not threatened in what she shares with Don because it's not a replacement for the deep closeness that we feel for each other when we make love ourselves, but something that enriches both of us in experiencing the "other worldly" nature of physical intimacy.

We are designed as members of the animal kingdom to feel strong urges toward "mating" just the same as our vertebraed kin. Yet, even when we're kids making out and copping a feel we're aware of something else - a spiritual side of all of this that touches our hearts and spirits in a way that we couldn't put into words if we wanted to do so. I've come to believe that the feelings and emotions that arise from human sex are just as powerful a part of the instinct as the desire to have an orgasm. Somebody wants us to know that great closeness that He designed us to feel by making us human. Horniness is much more than the urge to climax - it is the instinct that draws us closer to others so that we might feel the very personal and intense love that we were designed to know by Him Who loves all of us so very much.

"Fornication!" "Adultery!" Not by way of rationalization, but by reason and now experience I'm led to believe that these acts are only sinful in a context of lovelessness where sex is pursued to someone's known detriment. Where there is love... Where there are emotions that raise and uplift the spirit we are truly blessed and not damned for what we choose to share of ourselves with others in the most intimate of ways. A rather well known prayer to many includes, "It is in giving that we receive." I think that's perhaps the most important thing Dee and I have discovered in our recent love making and the times we share with Don. The more we give of ourselves in administering intimate pleasures, the more we receive in return, not only in the parts of our bodies that are supposed to feel those particularly delicious tingles, but in our hearts and souls as well.

Dee has told me that I am welcome to make love with another woman when and if I choose to do so. I'm sure she wants me to be able to experience the same feelings and tenderness that she feels with Don. If the opportunity presents itself, I might do so, but not until I can feel first the friendship and sense of caring with another woman that Dee felt with Don before we met him "in the flesh" and only then if Dee herself comes to know the woman some and feel that it's "right" as I did with Don.

Dee seems undecided about and in no hurry to meet with anybody new at this point. If and when it happens that she welcomes a new lover it will have to be with someone who shares our outlook and has a much of a genuinely warm heart as he does an excited, hard cock.
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KYCM said...

The words, expressions and feelings you two convey, in your writings, is just an extension of the two wonderful people you are. Your openness and candid descriptions of such special moments as those described today, is what makes you two so very special. Thanks for sharing and allowing my insight into your world and lives. Hoping to learn how to be much more like you both.
Hugssssssssssssssssss J & D


Denis Connor said...

What a great description of how I imagine such an experience with my wife and another man would be ... at lesat emotionally. In a very strange way that I can't convey, it was actually moving.

Joe, here's one guy out there who doesn't find it the least bit repulsive that you sucked Don's cock. On the contrary, it is an incredible turn-on. I believe it's one of those things where, even if that kind of sex act is not their "thing," readers need to understand that they weren't in the room, feeling what you were feeling, swept up the way you were swept up.

But personally, it's actually a fantasy of mine to share a cock with Amy. (I'm in the midst of preparing a blog post about this myself.) Not sure that one will ever happen, but it won't stop the fantasizing.

Thanks for this post, you two.

serendipitygirl said...

this blog is exactly why i love coming both express things so have a way of pulling me into your little world and i love every minute of it...absolutely lovely...