Friday, January 19, 2007

Sex Always Trumps Food

So there I was in the kitchen this afternoon making a light rue for the macaroni and cheese which would be accompanying the haddock and shrimp for supper when the phone rang its telltale double ring. I answered with an animated, "Hi!" because the distinct ring told me that it would be Dee on the other end calling from the car on her way home. She sounded horny. She has a little girl voice that emerges whenever she's turned on. She was! She hoped I didn't have dinner baking full tilt. I didn't. I backed down the oven from preheating, finished the cheese sauce and added it to the macaroni, and then set everything aside. I took my pants off and sat down here to wait for Dee to get home, lightly stroking my dick while looking through the pictures of Dee and Mike from last night.

I was hoping for a quick refractory period because I hadn't admitted on the phone that I'd whacked off after I dropped kiddo off at work, about a half hour before Dee called me. As the minutes ticked by I felt myself stirring and then rising full tilt to the occasion, and much to my relief when Dee got here I was good and ready, and raring to go. It was a marvelous upstairs session! A quick probe of her pussy when she threw a leg up over my hip while we were cuddling, and I knew that Dee was really juicy just as she was last night. Sex with Dee is always great, but when she's deeply aroused taking her to bed is like enjoying the thrill of all the big rides at the amusement park. What a way to start the weekend!

Helen over at A Couple's Swinger Journal wrote the other day, "It's the pursuit of happiness, not happiness itself that we can grasp at in this world." There's so much to that line. So much wisdom packed into it. I've seen Helen do it all in the pictures Bob has sent me through the years, and in every one I'm always mindful of the brilliant head she has on those beautifully sculpted shoulders. Genius women turn me on. Helen's brain makes me stiff every bit as much as her hot ass. I hope she gets it good at the meet and greet that she and Bob are hosting tomorrow, and I hope Bob will have plenty of hot pussy to shake his stick at as well.

When a lover's cumming in Dee I often give a thumbs-up or some other hand gesture while I'm shooting the picture so I'll know later when I'm looking at the pic set at what precise moment he began spraying into her pussy. Even more, I know that in the subsequent shots while he's still inside her, Dee's warm, wet folds are squeezing his cock rhythmically to milk every last drop of his hot cum and give him the most pleasure she can deliver. Here I am signalling Mike's wet splash last night when he began ejaculating. A typical evening for Mike, he stayed hard and kept pumping Dee much to her great delight as she kept on cumming and encouraging him to fuck her even more.

Mike's first orgasm of the evening usually
means he's just getting started.
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