Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Gentlemen! Start Your Tongues!

It's good that when it comes to oral sex "eating" is used only figuratively. If not, there'd have been nothing left of Dee years ago. Short of cumming, licking and sucking on Dee's body is the most pleasurable part of sex for me.

Licking a woman's bottom was something I wanted to do since I first read about it, most likely in a Playboy or Penthouse when I was around 14. I distinctly remember talking to M about it then and telling her that I wanted to do it to her if we ever got the chance to be together alone, without my sister in tow. (M was my sis's best friend.) Doing it to her for the first time on the couch in my parents' TV room on a Sunday afternoon is burned into my memory. I was panting like a dog that first time my tongue sank between her labia! She was probably 13 to my 14.

I went to bed to play with Dee last night and she smelled liked the Avon's Skin-So-Soft oil which she'd added to her bath water. There's something about that scent on her skin that makes me want to eat her ass voraciously. She knows it too because after we'd kissed for a while she reminded me that her ass was squeaky clean and then rolled onto her belly while reaching for her current dirty book. Putting my tongue to Dee's asshole is every bit as erotic to me as touching it to her mouth. I ate her ass like it would be my last meal and I was amply rewarded - when she rolled over after about twenty minutes of devoted anilingus for me to bring her to orgasm her vulva was as swollen as I've ever seen it, and I love the feel of her extra thick pussy lips on my face and in my mouth.

Nothing beats an extended foreplay session when I can use my powers to serve the higher good - like licking ass!

Joe's tongue - looking for a few good assholes!

While the kids were at the pool on vacation,
Dee made good use of our time in the
motel room by enticing me with her delicious ass.
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Denis Connor said...

Oh, man. This particular kink has been haunting me recently like a professional stalker. I can't get the thought of eating out my wife's ass out of my head for more than an hour or so a day.

The thing is, we've never done it. Not yet. But with her increased openness of late, I think this one's happening very soon. I even have the scenario in which it occurs fully developed. It involves her hands and upper body pressed up against the cool tile of the shower wall. I'm sure I'll be expounding on this fantasy soon ...

Damn. Here I am at work, hard again. Thanks a lot, Joe.

Dee's Husband Joe said...

Quite welcome, Denis! Hope you'll be knocking at the back door with your tongue sometime in the near future and that we'll all get to read the nitty gritty details.


Alfie said...

Wow! Enough to whet anyone's appetite. Emm will be on her knees tonight. Incidentally, Dee has beautiful feet too.

Sheen V said...

Beautiful photo! Thanks for including her feet in it!

Willy said...

Wow Joe...thats one of the sexiest pics you've ever posted of Dee. My screen is covered with saliva...more to cum!! Not sure about ass licking, but I sure love pussie juice.