Sunday, January 14, 2007

Sometimes A Dream Is Just A Dream

I've never had a wet dream in my life. I've always said it's because I never let the juices build up for my body to have to rid itself of them spontaneously. I do, though, have a sex related dream now and then from which I awaken long before I might climax. Thus it was this morning when I awakened in the middle of a very short dream about being in a cunnilingus parlor - a place where men take their women to lick them in full view of everone else on ergonomically designed "tables" while seated in special chairs also made to suit the task most comfortably. I was there with Dee, but not to give her the tongue myself. The place had a "bull pen" of sorts where single guys could hang out in hopes of being invited to perform cunnilingus on a willing lady. Dee and I were standing there looking over the five or six guys each hoping that we'd pick him to lick Dee to orgasm.

I'm not one to try to figure my dreams out. I either just enjoy, fear, or loathe them as they are in themselves. I very much enjoyed this one in spite of having come awake before we'd even selected the fortunate gentleman who would help Dee out of her clothes and then put his mouth to her pussy, simply because the thought alone of sharing her with another guy even in this limited oral form, is highly exciting to me. And I'm kind of happy in knowing that my sleeping brain is still clever enough to come up with unique sex related themes on occasion.

I read so often the recurring theme of the guy who is all about himself and his own orgasm when he's with a woman, yet our experiences would make us think that this guy a mythical creation to scare a woman out of taking off her panties for a one night stand. Maybe we've just gotten sufficiently lucky to have met up with some real cunnilingus masters through the years whose tongues have kept going till Dee's clitoris gave out, or perhaps Dee is inordinately responsive to a man's tongue no matter his skill level, but she has some fantastic orgasms while being eaten. I think the first time somebody brings Dee to orgasm orally and experiences her climaxing against his face with her bottom spasming under his tongue, he's hooked. Nobody leaves Dee needing more. If that cunnilingus parlor of my dream existed, I think it would be one of our favorite haunts and Dee would make a lot of guys in that bull pen awfully happy.

Hmmmmm. My first million. That parlor! We can make it a bar too, and call it...


It was nearly three years ago to the day as of this post when
Ted came to town on business and began the first of the
three evenings he'd share with Dee during his visit by
lifting her legs high and licking her to climax.
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Willy said... could add a cream pie parlor too. I'll be your first customer!

Dee's Husband Joe said...

Damn, Willy! I think you might be onto something there! I think a creampie parlor would get a ton of business if the admissions I read in many of my e-mails are honest, except all the guys would be wearing masks.


Bob and Helen Parr aka "The Incredibles" said...

I think it's a great idea. I see frnchises opening up across this great nation. I'm also glad that I'm nor the only one having those dreams.


bad influence girl said...

okay i would seriously go to that place and maybe even share myself if the mood struck me.

something about anonymity is a huge turn-on for me...