Saturday, February 24, 2007

Gang Aft Agley

When we left off last, dear reader, it was about 4 PM yesterday afternoon. Dee was about an hour away from coming in the front door, I'd just finished my blog entry, popped a Viagra, got out of my pants, and settled back here in this very chair to look at porn and get my cock rock hard and drippy. When I heard Dee's car pull up (Well, okay, to be honest, the dog heard it and raced to the front window which alerted me.) my dick was so stiff and well textured that a set of sensitive fingers would have thought its prominent veins to be a cylindrical road map to the world's most pleasurable places. I greeted Dee at the door in my boxers which were poking out in the front and kissed her before she could even think about getting her coat off. When she finally managed to set down her lunch bag and hang up her coat she headed for the stairs. I followed her, studying the twin orbs of her succulent ass as they moved in her jeans, already anticipating those jeans sliding down Dee's legs with her panties following suit. I was geared up and ready to be inside my wife - to be in that one place where time stands still and all's right with the world as I look into her eyes and I move inside her very body to feel all the worries and stresses of the day melt away and once more to lose myself completely in the amazing sensations of our ultimate togetherness.

I followed Dee into the bathroom and sat on the edge of the tub as she casually tossed a washcloth into the sink, turned on the hot water, and dropped her pants to her knees to pee. I watched her tinkle and then rise to wash her pussy and ass, something she always does before she comes to our bed unless I ask her not to when I'm extra horny and want her ripe, heady scent and flavor to be strong. She moved to the side as I took my washcloth to the sink to get the day's sweat off my cock and balls eager to feel Dee's soft mouth moving over them. As I scrubbed them Dee took to the bedroom and when I joined her she was sitting on the bed with her legs crossed - a position that she assumes when she wants me to lie back so she can suck my cock.

I laid back with my cock pointing to the ceiling. Our mouths met and our lips parted and I felt the tip of Dee's tongue touch mine as I felt her fingers slide up the underside of my stiff shaft. I felt her soft cheek against mine as we broke our kiss and snugged in each with chin to the other's shoulder, savoring the feel of her flesh against mine, and anticipating that same feeling, but with part of my body inside hers.

I was as hard as hard could be when Dee's fingers
touched the sensitive underside of my dick.

And then, I felt Dee shudder with a sob that was huge in spite of her bravely trying with all her might to contain it. The tears started and once the dam burst they flowed freely. She was in that much pain. She said with a trembling lip and a look of total devotion, "But I want to be here with you," when I suggested after a few minutes of her weeping that I just go cook our dinner and forget about making love then. I knew she wanted to be with me as much as I did with her. Every tear that fell from her beautiful, big, brown eyes told me so. Finally I insisted that we give up thinking about continuing on the bed. I came down and cooked while Dee put her aching body into a hot tub of water.

It might seem odd, but somehow the few minutes we spent together on the bed with Dee in tears made me feel closer to her than being physically joined with her in the way I had hoped to be might have. What meant so much to me - what made me feel loved so strongly, was knowing and seeing just how much she wanted to give me pleasure me in spite of her own pain - feeling in the core of my heart just how much she too longed to be joined with me in the flesh to express the love we share in all that we do.

I miss our sex right now. I miss our date nights - watching Dee with her lovers. It's been a long time since Dee's been able to enjoy a constant string of orgasms with multiple lovers on the same evening as she a few years back when Don, Mike, Tom, and I would all enjoy her on the same bed over the course of a few hours every couple of months or so. All in all, though, if I had my choice of a sexpot who gave up her pussy every time I blinked but without affection, or Dee as she is with all the love in the world in her heart yet unable at times to express it as we'd like, I'd take Dee every time.

I love sex, but it ain't everything. (Shhhhhhh! Pretend I never said that.)

It's been a while since Dee's been able to enjoy an
evening with more guys than just one of her lovers and me.

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D said...

Joe, that's as tender and loving a thing as I've read in a long, long time. Your love for Dee and her love for you is so evident in that post. I almost cried myself. Dee, I hope your pain moderates soon. You are truly a marvelous, loving couple. Mac

Alfie said...

We are so saddened to think about Dee's pain and hope she finds effective relief from it soon. The pictures were fabulous.

Anonymous said...

That is truly an awesome story..thanks for sharing...I hope Dee is better for you both very soon...hugs and kisses...BG