Monday, February 19, 2007


Yesterday afternoon I was slowly trolling through the list of occasional reads over there in my sidebar. I don't remember which one it was because I surfed in random fashion, but I landed on a masturbation blog which in turn led me through its links to other masturbation related blogs and websites. I felt like I had come home in a sense because I've always been a card carrying member in the Order of the Hairy Palm - one of those guys for whom masturbation isn't an escape from partnered sex, but is a worthy sexual delight in its own right. (Dee and I made love last night and I've since jerked off twice.) I feel a kinship to guys like myself in this respect. I enjoy reading of their masturbation experiences and sort of revel in the excitement that's there when I find a website utterly devoted to the practice.

Even before I became what I'd call officially bi-curious I'd hit up the masturbation channel on IRC to chat and stroke along with the other guys who were doing themselves at the same time. I didn't think it gay or queer or anything like that - it was just sort of a bonding thing albeit with strangers from all over the world who were playing with their dicks while I was playing with mine. Now and then I'd fire up the "QuickCam" - a quite low tech black and white webcam from days of internet yore so other guys could watch me stroke my cock and it was tremendously exciting to have a group of men urging me toward orgasm with their chat lines. Of course I was also treated to similar shows put on by others. I always felt an unusual kind of kinship with those guys, though again, this was still at a time when I'd have more easily licked an elephant's asshole than even to think about touching another man's cock, never mind taking one into my mouth.

I enjoyed hooking up the old webcam and jerking off
with other guys watching me and urging me to squirt.

I enjoyed visiting the various jack-off sites yesterday. There are still the purists out there - the guys whom I believe would turn down pussy for the opportunity to masturbate, not because they don't like women or their fun parts but because they're so into the masturbation experience. Likewise the inventors still abound - the men who are always looking for new techniques and devices to make their masturbation reach new heights of pleasure. I admire their enthusiasm.

When somebody's going to build a website or write an entire blog around his masturbation, obviously it's not only about the orgasm. That's how I've always been with playing with myself; it's as much about getting there as it is about that huge gush of semen at the end. I guess that's why I feel this affinity to the guys who are so devoted to self pleasure. I understand where they're coming from even if to the rest of humanity they might appear to be addicted to jerking off in an unhealthy way.

I do have to thank Dee for never finding fault in my (excessive) masturbation and for understanding that my affection for pictures of naked women isn't a some kind of statement about my thinking any less of her nude form. I was very surprised to learn when Dee came out of her shell five years ago just how aware she had been all along through the years about my masturbation habits and the frequency with which I did myself. She quipped then, "Didn't you ever wonder why I'd call you on the way home when I was out with the kids just to let you know that we were on the way?" She knew! All those years she knew that as soon as her car pulled away my pants were going down and my cock was going up. I felt a little sheepish, but it only made her even cooler in my eyes.

Someday before I can't get it up at all I think I'd still like to venture to Philly Jacks though I'm not crazy about the thought of driving into an unknown section of Philadelphia. From a description on their website of what goes on there: "'ll be covered in lube and you'll have a cock in each hand, some guy is playing with your balls and two guys are taking turns stroking your prick, and this hot man just shot his load all over your chest and..." I don't care how straight you are; that's got to sound hot!

Finally, I'm still in the market for a jerk off buddy who lives down the street and can come over at the drop of a pair of boxers to stroke and be stroked to orgasm. Somebody who doesn't want to get into Dee's pants but just wants me to slap on the Astroglide and give him a hand job to write home about - frequently.

C'est moi! Spilling a load
in '98 for the guys in chat.

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AlwaysArousedGirl said...

Damn you and your mesmerizing gifs!

Love it.

If I had a cock and lived down the street I'd volunteer. Sadly, I neither have a cock nor live down the street.



Lapis Ruber said...

I wish I lived in Philadelphia - but as I don't it will just have to be one of the fantasies I like to have while wanking. Come to think of it a regular one-on-one sounds pretty terrific as well! Let us know if you get any takers.

C. said...

Joe - Philly Jacks is in a good part of Philly (13th & Walnut)-Center City, right off Broad Street. Don't worry 'bout going because of that!

Bob said...

Just discovered your cool blog. I'm not down the block, but in the Philly suburbs. Haven't been able to talk my wife into the same path as you. For several years she continued a relationship with a previous boyfriend, which caused some hot sex between us including kissing her funky but exciting pussy. Still the topic of some jack-off thoughts for me.