Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Making It Move

Though I used to enjoy a good porn video now and then back when VCRs first came out and before the internet was as good and as fast as it is now, I've always been a bigger fan of still pictures than of movies. When you're watching a straightforward moving visual of what happened on a bed between lovers it seems that it's much more difficult to imagine yourself in the scene as you might when peeking in on a simple, single slice of time. A video's just too busy. You can't concentrate on a single element to give it your total focus if you're watching it while you're working on making yourself cum. As I mentioned in a recent entry here, I usually fix my attention on one, small but extremely arousing detail in a picture when I take myself over the edge of climax, and I just can't do that when everything's in motion.

I love gadgets and for a while I'd been taking short video clips of Dee with her guys regularly with a small AVI recorder, but that fell by the wayside after the novelty wore off. There were times too when we entertained one of the guys here at home that I shot the whole experience onto video tape, but there again the interest dwindled after I'd done it a few times and got tired of lugging all the things upstairs to do it right.

It's no small chore to haul upstairs
all of what it takes to get clear video.

Though I watch a clip or video on rare occasions, most of the time I just look at our still pics in sequence when I'm in the mood to see Dee doing it. When I feel that "UT OH!" tingle that tells me I'm nearing the point of no holding back I can easily go back to the picture I know I want to have in front of me without having to fumble with a remote and its rewind button only hoping to get back to where I want my eyes to be when the goo starts flying.

The animated GIFs which I just started making to post here seem to be a nice compromise between a still image and a full video. The repetitive motion of only a small segment of the action between Dee and her guy allows me to hone in on the detail of the scenario while giving me the thrill of seeing his stiff dick moving in her creamy snatch, warm mouth, or tight little asshole. I'll likely tire of making them too, though, so if you've been enjoying them, get 'em while they're hot.

Don's cock will go on working Dee's
sweet hole forever in this GIF.
(All that juice is hers!)

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nirvana said...

Hope to be able to share your pleasure of watching another man's cock enter my wife one day. Keep on blogging.

KYCM said...

OMG....You have added such a nice dimension to your posts. The video is amazing and I must say that this one is awesome. The last few of both of you have been pretty exciting too but this one was an immediate "stop everything" and watch THIS. Thanks for everything and keep 'em cumming. Great shots you get. The stills are wonderful but the vids.....mmmmmmmmm. Thanks for everything and such a great blog.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for an awesome story and video as well. How do you make those gif vids, we would love to do that as well. Keep them cumming

BG and SRG
Mature Bold Couple

MikeCindynJoe said...

Both are great shots, Joe, but it's easy to see why I don't mess with all that equipment. A pity, because we do miss some great footage, but I'm certainly glad you do!

The .gif's are a nice touch, keep 'em coming.


bad influence girl said...

oh my god

oh my god

that's amazing.


AlwaysArousedGirl said...

Don't ever tire of the gifs.


And thank you for your kind words at my place. I appreciate it.

Willy said...

It sure moved for me Joe....I love the vids.....downloaded them and have cum 4 or 5 times viewing them. Gonna burn my screen.