Sunday, February 18, 2007

A Snippet of Dee

At the top of my list of things to read when I'm in the mood for a piece of Dee's own writing is the full account of the loss of her virginity. Though she starts out slowly in setting the stage and explaining what was going on in her life that led her to giving the precious gift of her first time to a married man over twice her age, by the time she gets around to describing what happened on the bed that evening when she was deflowered I have a raging hard-on, no matter how often I read the piece.

Because I naturally tend to isolate bits of erotica and fixate on them, every time I read through Dee's narrative of that night my brain grabs some particular phrase or sentence that draws me in completely. I usually know where to look to find a picture that approximates the scene she's describing so I can see Dee doing to or with one of her lovers what she's telling about having done with Richie in the snippet of sentence that my mind keeps replaying like a broken record.

Today it was this...

" I liked feeling his hardness, knowing I was able
to make him want me. It was a very powerful feeling."

I like that Dee's fully aware of the affect she has on me and the guys with whom she makes love. It energizes her toward giving us the most and best pleasure that she can, and she loves wielding that power. I regret that I can't show you the look on her face when she's touching a man's cock and getting it even harder than it needs to be to do the job especially when she's feeling fully healthy and we have the time to draw things out. I think she's feeling then the same thing she felt on that night when she got her lover super hard to penetrate her for the very first time - a raw, unique, and amazing power. One that she still finds hard to believe that she has, but oh! She has it!

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Dirty Debbie said...

Ah yes, I know that snippet well:
" I liked feeling his hardness, knowing I was able
to make him want me. It was a very powerful feeling."

It's very but CJ and I were just having a discussion about this the other. I know that powerful feeling, I enjoy it, it turns me on, it helps to make me a goddess.

Dee's Husband Joe said...

And one of my favorite goddesses you are, DD! :)


D said...

Just to see the look on her face one time as she cums--a never ending desire of mine.