Thursday, March 08, 2007

Another Thursday at Home

Today marks one full month since our last extramarital experience, and it feels like it's been an eternity. Here's hoping the visit to the doctor yesterday will eventually be fruitful in getting Dee back on track - or at least on her back comfortably. I lamented to Gary during his visit that I miss getting my own share of cock. Oh, I could hit up Craigslist or Squirt to try to find a play buddy, but honestly I've not been in the kind of overall mood to do all of the corresponding that I prefer to do before meeting somebody new, and I'm not the type to head out on a whim to hang out along the back wall of the local adult theater waiting to give an anonymous blow job, tempting though the fantasy of doing just that sometimes might be.

Hey, look! I managed to get a half rather than fully naked shot of Dee for HNT! Hmmmmm. Maybe since I'm finally posting a half nekkid pic everybody else will go fully nude today? A guy can always hope to see his favorite clits and dicks, right?

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D said...

Love the panties. Thinking about you Dee and hoping you improve. Mac

Blissfully Wed said...

Sexy post as always. I love that shot of Dee. Maybe we'll copy that pose here this weekend.



Anonymous said...

Cum and fuck my wet cunt Joe....let Dee watch if she's still not feeling up to joining...hubby is out of town...and I'm sore from a hard gang bang I did last night...but ready for HNT isn't totally nude...but maybe it will get you hard.....I'm wet...BG

Anonymous said...

The photo of Dee is a hottie....wish we were neighbors..that might prove truly interesting...BG