Friday, March 09, 2007

Soft Affection

It's been a while since I've been able to write flowery prose about Dee's special times with her lovers because of our necessary break from enjoying such evenings with them. I'm always thankful that I have the pictures - so many pictures of Dee doing it all.

I love a shot that shows the tenderness of her love making to the well tuned eye that if it were less sensitive might otherwise see only the hot sex. Here's one such shot that stands out to me as one of them.

Don's holding Dee in mid air with his cock firmly snuggled in her warm center. It's a somewhat fuzzy picture like a Guccione print, but not from filtering. Somebody's lubed thumb accidentally kissed the lens that evening and most of my shots turned out to be soft like this one. It was a good evening for that effect, though. Dee's and Don's coupling was spectacularly affectionate and the hazy images somehow convey a sense of their deep intimacy.

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Mature Bold Couple said...

Dee looks as if she's about to plunge on to Don's hot cock for the first time....ohhh what anticipation that can be....I love fucking on top....not that it lets me be more in control...I like that sometimes too...but I just love the feel of the hot cock or toy pushing up from underneath...and it hits my g-spot so well...I usually will drown the intruder....but they always seem to be revived....mouth to cock works well and they cum back for more....giggling...wet BG

Mr. & Mrs SW said...

Hope Dee is feeling better an soon able to enjoy your sexual adventures