Monday, March 05, 2007

Another Tidbit From the Past

This was another highlight that I remembered from when my alter ego and Dee wrote to each other every day about sex. It was after she told "him" a lot about her first experiences with other guys.

He/I wrote, "This is a little more prosaic, but are there any sexual experiences you've had that you consider to be highlights? Like so special or intense that you'll never forget them?"

Dee responded...

"Even though we never had intercourse, one highlight was with Will my boyfriend in 9th grade. It was a warm spring day and we were walking from his grandmother's house to his house. They lived in ------- which is part of Westchester County. They owned hundreds of acres. We stopped in a glen of laurel to rest. We started kissing which of course led to him rubbing my breasts. I took my shirt off and he was kissing me. (Mouth. I don't remember him kissing 'the girls'). I think I rubbed him with his pants open but not off. I may have even kissed his cock. I venture to bet his balls were blue that night! Not only was it emotional, but the scenery, the scent... It was a few weeks later that his family moved. I think if they hadn't moved when they did, he would have been my first for a lot more than he was."

Whenever I've had Dee nude in the woods I've thought about this small but significant piece of her writing. Significant because it describes a particularly warm sexual moment in her life. As with my wish that I could have been there to witness the proceedings on the night Dee was deflowered, this is another scene from her past that I wished I could have watched. To have seen her firm, bare breasts in her boyfriend's hands. Her little fingers reaching inside his pants - her soft lips kissing the head of his hard cock.

There's a picture in her childhood collection of her standing next to this guy. She looks so happy. Don't you think?

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