Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The (W)hole Person

It's good when a man thinks of Dee as a whole person - not just as somebody with a warm, hungry hole.

Don and Mike remain Dee's regular lovers (in spite of our recent hiatus from seeing them because of her pains) because they've never just seen her as somebody to fuck. We have a genuine and special connectedness to both of them and that's how we like things to be.

We got a mail recently from a guy we saw three times early in 2004 who was sent here then by his company to do some specialty work in the area. The three times that Dee and he connected then were quite special. He was sort of romantic in the way he approached her and took her to bed and amazingly thorough after he got her nude in tending to her pleasures by fingering, licking, and then fucking her through many strong orgasms in a variety of positions we'd never seen before nor since, and he nearly matched her in being multi-orgasmic, cumming in her a number of times during each play session and then getting fully hard again in the blink of an eye to screw her some more. Their couplings were beautifully intense and fantastically erotic to watch, and at the time we felt that kinship of spirit with him which is necessary for us to feel before we invite anybody to make love with her. When he left town after his business here was finished we got a letter from him now and then, but then as so often happens, he disappeared from our mailboxes.

With his stiffening cock bulging the front of his towel nicely
Dee's lover opened her pants nearly three Aprils ago.

I believe Dee included him whenever she'd send out her mass mails every couple of weeks to touch base with her small gang of guys, but I'd venture to bet that we never heard anything back from him at all in 2005 and 2006. I'd thought on occasion while going through the picture sets of him and Dee together that it would be nice to see her enjoying his fat cock again someday, and thought I might when he wrote recently to let us know that he'd be back in town and to ask if we could get together. The magic faded for Dee, though, in his never keeping in touch and at this point for her it would be like going to bed with a total stranger save for the familiar face and body. Oh, his face is cute and his body is built for delivering hours of pleasure, but we remember so little about him by way of the details we shared with each other back when we were first considering meeting with him that any real desire to be with him as a person has long since evaporated for Dee.

I'm not sure that I remembered to breathe when I watched
the tip of her lover's cock probe Dee's slit while they were
kissing passionately. When he found her opening their kisses
became even more intense and her cunt swallowed him whole.

Because she's been in so much pain, a play date might have been out of the question even if Dee had felt a burning desire to bed him, but she did write to let him know that if we could get free we'd be happy to join him for dinner some evening while he's in town. It'll be nice if he writes while he's here to see if we can join him to break bread, but I'm not holding my breath that we'll hear from him without a guaranteed fuck in the offering. As a guy whose dick often does his thinking for him, in part I can understand if he's using his time away from home more productively in the sex department to hook up with other ladies who might be available, but it's not something I'd expect Dee to understand, nor is it something I think I'd want her to.

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Alfie said...

It's heartbreaking to hear of Dee being in such chronic pain. She is so beautiful. Give her love.

Anonymous said...

Dee is so lucky to have such an understanding hubby, I thought that I had the only one available...I have to agree with your assessment of this other man, he sounds good up front but by not staying in touch it makes him out to be someone just looking for a cunt in the storm...so to speak...I wouldn't want that either, nor is that what I seek, though there are times when a one-time fuck is fun and desireable, it is just that without any further expectations....like what I'm looking forward to tonight with 4 guys that we met at a bar yesterday, am hoping that it will be a hot time, I'm need a hot cock in me and hubby is out of town, but knows I'm planning some sort of date...I only regret that he won't be in bed to taste my fun when I get home.....I hope that Dee is feeling better soon....hugs...BG