Saturday, March 10, 2007

Dirty Girl

The title for this entry comes from Dee's dirty soles in the picture I selected to accompany the text. I like to think of her as a dirty girl - not dirty in the sense of being skanky or whorish, but in being naughty with her sexuality to the tune of doing so many things that June Cleaver wouldn't have considered and which Ward wouldn't have suggested. I really enjoy taking pics like this one of Dee in which she's posing brazenly, knowing full well that many guys will be seeing her and showing off her body in a way which she hopes will excite them.

I like that Dee really gets into having her pussy eaten. We were watching one of our usual cop shows this evening and halfway through I asked her if she'd rather watch the second half of the show or enjoy a freebie meaning that I'd lick her to orgasm and put her to bed. She drew the remote from the end table faster than a gunslinger might have whipped out his six shooter and snapped off the TV. My tongue got immediately hard!

I'm sitting here with her scent ripe on my face and fingers. I love Dee's cunt - the smell, the taste, the texture - everything about her there. Freebies are rare these days because we usually do it all, but now and then I love totally immersing myself in eating Dee's bottom and focusing entirely on her pleasure.

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Willy said...

And I'd trade places with you any day Joe!!for2une