Thursday, March 15, 2007

I'm a Sole Man

I'm a little concerned. If you've seen the forecast for the northeast, tonight isn't promising to be a good one weather-wise. Up to 7 inches of snow are possible before tomorrow at this time, and it's supposed to start tonight. Already some little ice pellets have fallen and we're still nearly three hours away from our rendezvous with Don at the motel. I really want Dee to get fucked royally. Her cunt's not had a good solid pounding to the depth that Don can achieve in quite some time and I know she wants one. Her ass does too. I wouldn't be surprised if she's been dripping lady cream into her panties all day in anticipation of screwing Don again.

There are so many visual nuances that turn me on when Dee's nude with a lover. Sometimes just the way a guy's hand cups her breast while they're kissing can have my cock throbbing like it did when I was 18 at the adult theater watching Johnny Wadd give it to Seka. Whoever coined the recent, "It's all good," might've had Dee fucking a man in mind when he or she came up with the saying because that's how it is - all good, usually great, often phenomenal - even to watch.

One particular sight that never fails to make my dick twitch excitedly is seeing Dee's bare soles while her pussy or ass is being worked by a lover's stiff cock. Perhaps it's because Dee's naked soles stand in contrast to the many women of porn who keep their shoes on while they're getting dicked that seeing the bottoms of her bare feet is especially arousing to me. In keeping her shoes on it almost seems to me as if a woman is reserving some portion of herself from her lover in denying him the view of her body fully nude. Likewise, when Dee takes it all off, including her footwear, to me it's symolic of her total giving of herself for her lover's pleasure. It has a powerful effect on me to see the bottom of each little toe when Dee's legs are wide apart and her lover's cock is moving inside her.

So here's hoping that the snow stays in the clouds till I can have my fill later today of the vision of Dee's bare feet and everything else when she pulls down her panties for Don to take her with passion.

I love to see Dee's "happy feet" dancing
in mid air while she's getting fucked.

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MikeCindynJoe said...

I hope you guys have the reunion of your lives! All the best! (and we want a full report, please!)


(I like the bottom of her feet also) HOT pics as usual!

Blissfully Wed said...

I love that you share what you share.