Friday, March 16, 2007

Well, Curl My Toes and Blow Me Down!

Luckily the snow that I'd feared might wreck our plans to be with Don last night is falling now rather than then, and though it promises to be inches deeper than it might have been if the storm hadn't tracked as far east before turning north, it's better that it didn't ruin the evening we'd planned.

This was the longest dry spell we've had since we started sharing Dee in the summer of 2002 in terms of extramarital experiences. It wasn't since February 8th when Mike made love with Dee here on our own bed that we were able to see anybody because of the pain that Dee had been in. Indeed, the pains had already begun back then, but she was still able to get in some abbreviated and adapted sessions when she could. When it got to the point that the best she could do after work was sit in her recliner with a heating pad on her back and hip we had to start canceling the plans we'd already made to be with the guys.

As I wrote very recently, we'd been having our own fun upstairs all along, but it was short and sweet, albeit frequent. During that time I think I fell even more deeply into love with my wife who so often fought through the pain to be with me, not because she thought I expected her to, but because she wanted to make love with me. Never since I created Camden Holst was it so apparent to me that Dee was as crazily in love with me as I was with her. For some reasons I can't go into here, perhaps there wasn't a better time than this could have happened - this having Dee all to myself. For as good as it was in some ways, though, we were both starting to get anxious and eager to resume our weekly dates with Dee's lovers.

Just a quick compendium of some of the evening's hot shots.

It was appropriate it seems that Don was the man to break our dry spell because he was Dee's very first extramarital lover - the man who introduced her to the varied emotional and physical pleasures of being a shared wife. It could have just as easily been Mike who's become a most amazing friend to us both, but because Don's only able to get out every two weeks, circumstances put his free week in line with Dee's feeling better enough to resume our play and so we planned to meet with him last night.

In some ways it was like our first time all over again. When Dee and Don kissed with their clothes still on I felt my cock stirring in my pants and before Dee was fully nude I had a hard-on that might have driven spikes into an oak plank. In spite of my own hunger for Don's cock I kept my distance to allow Dee and Don their private time together of getting reacquainted, but later when Dee was riding atop him I moved in to lick his balls which not only gave Don an extra burst of pleasure but which put my eyes right there where her soft pussy flesh was gliding along the full length of his hardness. It was like coming home to have his balls against my lips again, and then later his whole cock in my mouth.

It was indescribably good to hear Dee cumming like she hadn't in over a month from the non-stop pleasure that Don delivered as he moved between licking, fucking, and fingering her as the hours played out. He fucked her pussy, and her ass. He licked her some more. He fucked her in both holes again, finally cumming in her ass.

As for me, I can say this - until you've squirted a load into an eagerly sucking mouth while something deep in your ass is toying with your prostate in just the right spot, you haven't cum! It was one of the most amazing orgasms of my life that I enjoyed last night and then later I trumped even that by getting fully hard again to feel the soft folds of Dee's cunt milk a second climax out of me one tight, delicious squeeze at a time. The sensations I enjoyed both times I came were beyond description and well beyond those of a typical orgasm. It was a good night. A very good night for all three of us.

One of the evening's many highlights:
Don pumping Dee's ass full of hot cum!

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MikeCindynJoe said...

All this is really good news! Glad everyone had a good time. Hooray for all of you.

The second picture is one of the yummiest yet! OMG!

D said...

Oh, Joe, this is fantastic. I'm glad Dee feels well enough to resume playtime for the both of you. And yes, this picture of her juices on Don's cock are magnificient. It's so sweet knowing that all three of you had a fantastic time. Mac