Saturday, March 17, 2007

Not Just Another Pretty Face

Dee knows very well how I'm affected by what she does with her lovers and when she's working on a guy's hard cock with her fingers, mouth, pussy, or ass she's often as mindful of my enjoyment as I'm watching her as she is of the man whose dick she's pleasuring. So it was on our most recent evening with Don when she climbed atop him to sixty-nine, put her juicy pussy and ass to his face, poised herself to slide his stiff dick between her soft lips and then looked straight at me. She hovered there for just a few seconds with her eyes wide open, smiling at me and knowing just how much she was exciting me though it wasn't my cock she was about to disappear up into her warm mouth. It was just the perfect moment with my wife's little fingers wrapped around the cock she was about to devour and I could practically see Don's dick throbbing as he lapped at her pussy and waited to feel her mouth descend over him.

My own pelvis involuntarily humped forward when Dee finally put her smile to the very tip of Don's cock and I saw his puffy glans disappear between her lips. I worked the camera with my right hand as Dee took her lover into her face and the fingertips of my left hand moved over my own aroused dick. Though I couldn't feel the warmth Don was enjoying inside Dee's mouth I could imagine that my fingers were Dee's tongue moving around my most sensitive spots. Don's shaft glistened from Dee's saliva as she withdrew him from between her lips only to dip her head down again to slip him right back inside. Of course the moaning sounds she was making while Don's tongue worked the length of her slit from her tight little asshole to her clitoris only coumpounded my arousal as I watched as transfixed as always.

The more Don lapped Dee's crack the harder and more intensely she sucked his dick. It was a give and take of the most arousing kind as the lovers each fueled the other's already keenly built passion. I could see the muscles in Dee's back ripple sinuously as she approached each of the strong orgasms Don's tongue delivered and then witnessed each release as the jolts of pleasure coursed through her. With her lips wrapped tightly around the circumference of her lover's hard dick she moaned her soft orgasmic sounds as her buns clenched and released with the spasms of her climaxes. And all the while my eyes were glued to that piece of taut flesh that joined Dee and her lover together at her mouth, thrilled to the core with the knowledge that my wife was giving him some of the best pleasures that life can offer and knowing that soon they'd be rolling over for him to enjoy her body even more intimately with his cock in her pussy and then later her ass.

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Sir said...

Weii written, what a great nite....nice picc!

Robert said...

Those are great images and lead to just what you might expect. As always thanks for sharing.

I am really happy to see Dee feeling better again. She is a great lady and wonderful partner.
Aloha, Bob