Tuesday, April 17, 2007

First Suck and Swallow Anniversary

When I woke up one year ago today, I awoke immediately to thoughts of a man named Dave whose cock I wanted to suck and whose cum I wanted to swallow. I had obsessed about him - specifically about his cock for about two weeks at that point, starting immediately when I received the pictures he had sent me of his goods. I had never had a cock erupt in my mouth before, and I wanted it. I wanted it more than I could possibly express. I had the third week of April off from work last year and it was my goal to get Dave off orally sometime during those five days. Little did I know when I started e-mailing him at work that Monday morning, that on that very same day his cock would be my appetizer and his load, my lunch. You can read about it here if you'd like the full account as I wrote it up last year.

I'd hoped for another shot at sucking and draining Dave's cock. To be honest, I'd hoped that sucking him off might become a somewhat of an occasional thing. We wrote a few times after we got together, but eventually I took the hint whenever I'd suggest that we do it again and he'd write back his regrets that something was already on his calendar. That saddens me some, but I still consider myself lucky that my first cum and swallow blow job was something I remember happily.

In the year since, I've swallowed both Don's and Mike's cum. I have to admit that it's terrifically exciting to have a dick spurt in my mouth. For as much as I enjoy the actual licking and sucking a guy's cock I guess I'm not surprised that I like giving that ultimate degree of pleasure all the way to the creamy finish - well, no more surprised, at least, than I am in the realization that I love so much all of this crazy stuff that Dee and I do. I love her for letting me explore and experience all of my crazy fantasies, and for being an amazing part of it all for me, even when she's not there with me partaking of a hard cock.

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D said...

I suppose I'll forever wonder!

David said...

Congratulations on a wonderful anniversary!

--David & Allie

seacoast couple said...

I get it. ;) I've enjoyed your blog for awhile now. I just happen to stumble on this post. And belated congrats too!