Wednesday, April 04, 2007

A Great Evening at Home

I absolutely zoned out while licking Mike's balls and sucking his cock yesterday. We had planned a play date for here at the house. Mike would arrive shortly after I ran kiddo to work, nearly an hour before Dee would get home herself, and visions of those firm, round sugarplums dangling under Mike's dick danced in my head all day long. So much so that after I popped the porn tape into the VCR, and Mike got his bottom bare for me and got comfy on the sofa in the living room, I was on my knees going right for his balls with my lips and tongue. I licked them all over and under, savoring the feeling of the soft skin and the firmer orbs inside rolling against my lips and tongue. I could feel Mike's cock against my cheek becoming stiff as I heard the sounds of the fucking and sucking happening on the video and all I could think about was how that same dick, hardening in response to my oral attentions down below, would soon be entering my wife's warm body.

I licked Mike's nuts for a long, slow, luxurious amount of time before making my way slowly up the underside of his cock and then I teased him there some more along with his glans before taking him into my mouth. I went on for about a half an hour, switching off between Mike's cock and his balls, returning to the latter whenever he seemed to be enjoying the former perhaps too much. After all, the cum shot he was building toward was destined for my wife's pussy - not my own mouth, no matter how delicious the thought of getting him off with my tongue and lips seemed to be. I was surprised when I heard the door opening because I'd lost track of time, and there was Dee already home with me still on the floor between her lover's legs playing with the cock which would soon be making love with her.

I warmed up supper while Mike got back into his pants. After we ate, we headed upstairs where after they undressed, Mike licked Dee to orgasm and then laid back for her to return the oral favors. Dee licked and sucked Mike as I'd done earlier, and when she had him back to full erection she mounted him. I truly adore the sight of her bare ass in motion when a man's hard cock is poking up into her juicy pussy, and when said cock is one that's been in my mouth on many occasions the joy I feel is magnified when I watch it moving in Dee's hole, giving her immense pleasure, and feeling the same in return as my wife's wet walls caress it affectionately each time it moves in and then out of her. We'd tossed some colored plastic eggs on the bed, and I had a set of fuzzy rabbit ears handy to present an Easter theme in the pictures I was shooting. Dee donned the ears for a while as she rode Mike's dick and I'll bet that there are few guys who have pictures of themselves with the "Easter Bunny" quite like the ones I snapped.

After a while, Dee rolled off Mike, laid back, and then raised her legs high and wide for Mike to move between them and slip his cock back inside her. I just watched them go at it for a while, snapping pictures lazily and admiring the amazing sight of Dee and Mike making love warmly. Mike was in no hurry as he glided in and out of Dee's pussy at a leisurely pace, yet I knew that he was making his gradual way toward orgasm with every easy thrust. After just watching and admiring the sweet sight of their coupling for some time I moved to the bed to sit beside them so I could reach between Mike's legs and play with his balls while he fucked my wife. I toyed with them lightly at first, kind of tickling them all over with my fingertips, but when I could tell that Mike was nearing his climax I started to knead them more firmly to urge him toward his ejaculation. When I felt him push his cock all the way into Dee and groan softly, I knew that the first jet of Mike's hot cum was splashing against her cervix and when he withdrew a few inches before thrusting firmly back into her to gush yet more of his pleasure, I could feel some of his wet cream drizzling from Dee's hole as my fingers danced all over his balls.

I was super aroused now. My own cock was poking up and throbbing in my lap, and after Mike withdrew from Dee's bottom she urged me onto my back and sprang into position to suck my cock. Though I didn't need to be blown to get hard enough to fuck her, Dee knows that I adore having her lick my balls and suck my dick for a while before I slide into her pussy. It was as Dee was taking me into her mouth that I saw Mike getting his new camera ready and for some unknown reason that excited me tremendously. I've had my picture taken before, many times, by Dee's lovers when I took my turn with her so I didn't really understand why I felt myself getting turned on even more when Mike started snapping pictures of us, yet there I was ready to climb the walls with excitement as my wife hungrily devoured my cock and balls while Mike took pic after pic. By the time I got my trembling dick into Dee's snug snatch I was relatively close to orgasm, but when Mike moved behind us and I could tell that his lens was practically kissing my balls I knew that within a few thrusts my cum would be mixing with his, and with Dee's own juices. I tried to slow down and to position myself mid thrust so that Mike could get some nice close-ups of my dick in Dee's hole, but I didn't know if he managed to get any because I felt myself reach the point of imminent climax and buried the full length of my shaft into Dee to let my jizz fly.

It wasn't until later, when I left Mike and Dee upstairs to dress while I came down and took the pictures off Mike's card that I was awed by some of the shots he snapped. My favorite follows - the best shot ever of my cock cumming in Dee's pussy. If the kids didn't sometimes come into our bedroom I think I'd have this picture blown up and framed so I could hang it over the bed.

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MikeCindynJoe said...

Damn, Joe... you post the hottest, nastiest pictures on the internet!

I've been licking the monitor but I can't taste a thing. Now I gotta yell for someone to come upstairs.

stevernc said...

wow,,too cool,,I liked the story

Blissfully Wed said...

I love everything you write. Thanks for sharing so much sexiness.


Mac said...

And a fantastic pictures it is, Joe. Mac

KYCM said...

I feel like I was part of the fun. Enjoyed each picture, word and conveyance or thrilling thought. Don't change. Just keep enjoying life like you do and keep us all informed. Thanks so much!!!


Lapis Ruber said...

You go places and do things I can only dream about. Thanks for letting us share your Sharing Dee

sugarrush said...

that bottom pic is gorgeous. your cream dripping down to her arsehole. this made me hot. i shall be reading more of your blogs