Monday, April 02, 2007

So Easy to See

Most of the time when we have a play date scheduled for after dinner Dee's body anticipates the evening's fare of potential pleasures and responds to the various thoughts that course through her head as the day goes and she imagines the things she and her lover(s) might do together. When a guy opens her pants or moves an eager hand up her skirt to work a fingertip or two into her panties he's usually pleased to find her labia already somewhat engorged and her hole wet in her anticipation of feeling him moving inside her. Almost always, once her lover's fingers find Dee's slit, their kissing moves to a more passionate level. Every guy wants a woman who wants him, and Dee's body openly manifests her arousal and desire as it makes no secret of her hunger to make love with the man who's touching her.

When Dee's labia are swollen and puffy you can be sure
that she's not thinking about working on the budget.

Everything about her state of sexual wantonness is clearly obvious to me in those first few minutes she shares with a lover, old or new. A slight swoon during their initial embrace, a naughty twinkle in her eye, a playful grin, and her deft fingertips moving toward his zipper almost seem rehearsed, for I've seen them play out so many times nearly the same way. I see Dee's tongue flicker across her lover's lips or against his tongue and her face ignites with the sex flush that accompanies her rising need, and soon enough the room is ablaze with the heat of their mutual desire. If we're seeing somebody new, foreplay might be extended for a long, delicious time of discovery and exploration. If we're with one of Dee's regular lovers she might scramble to work his cock into her pussy within minutes of closing the door. Either way, it's Dee's body itself charting the course of pleasure as it makes its wishes known by its responsiveness to the man she's with. Luckily she's not shy about grabbing the bull by the horns - or the balls for that matter - nor the least bit timid about performing for the world's most appreciative audience - me.

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Hip Swingster said...

Sounds very nice. You are very lucky.

Alfie said...

What an incredible image!!!!