Saturday, April 28, 2007

If Only I Could Bottle This

I enjoy getting mails from guys who want to be in my shoes - specifically in my shoes beside a bed watching my wife suck and fuck another guy silly, but of course, with their own wives and not Dee. I do like welcoming these gentlemen to live their fantasies vicariously through my realities and to garner as much pleasure as they can in looking at our pictures, reading our stories, and imagining themselves and their wives in our roles. I'm asked lots of questions and I do my best to answer them as candidly as I can with as much wisdom as I might have grasped over the past nearly five years of sharing Dee. Lately I seem to be getting many more of these e-mails than usual and although I started this blog in part to answer many of the same questions that I'm asked time and time again, I can't just point back to my prior writings and say, "Find the answer here," because every letter I get is unique and requires individual attention. Not only that, but sadly I don't really have answers for many of the questions I'm asked. I do my best to offer suggestions or hints, but there's nothing of the sage in me other than the voice of my own experiences.

I've worn many hats in my hear half a century of life, not professionally, but in my devotion to a variety of interests. I like playing the tutor when I can to others who share my avocations - to offer what I can of my knowledge, my techniques in doing things, my attitudes and visions. Never before in my life, though, have I felt as much of a desire to be helpful with anything as heartily as I do when it comes to wife sharing. Since we started sharing Dee my life has become so rich with wonder, with joy, with magic. Nothing ever has uplifted my spirit as much as the simple act of watching Dee make love with somebody she cares about - to share in that remarkable feeling of specialness she makes a lover feel. It is utterly transcendent. It is something I want to share because there's so much of it in me, and because I wish everybody could feel something - anything, with this much passion.

So keep asking me questions. I can't promise you any hard and fast answers, but I'll always do my best to encourage you, especially against giving up the hope of someday fulfilling your craziest fantasies.

Even something as simple as seeing Dee's pussy being touched
by another guy fills me with an inordinate amount of glee. I'll
do as much as I can to help others discover this same joy.

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