Sunday, April 29, 2007

Oh, What a Beautiful Morning

Dee and I probably didn't have morning sex for over 15 years at the longest stretch. When her libido waned in the mid 80s I learned quickly not to make any sexual advances in bed upon awakening which was terribly frustrating when I'd wake up with a case of morning wood that wouldn't quit, especially on a weekend morning. I'd try to pull off a quick jerk 'n' cum when she'd go into the shower and on those occasions when I didn't finish myself off before she'd emerge from the bathroom it was a generally awful day all around because I'd be horny and resentful that I'd not even have had an opportunity to get rid of the pressure. (With my bad knees I've never been able to cum in the shower and Dee would usually dawdle in the bedroom, dressing and preening long after I'd be back from the bathroom.)

That's why morning sex is especially good these days - because I'm usually rabidly horny in the morning, (extra on weekends for some reason), and after not having had it for so long, it's special now and even more pleasurable than it might've been if I'd gotten it all along. We usually have morning sex a few weekends a month. We did today. Can you tell?

It's just as exciting to me to see my own cum quietly dripping from Dee's
pussy as it is to see Don's or Mike's cream drizzling down between her buns.

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hot & horny housewife said...

I do quite like cream pies.

MikeCindynJoe said...

And I heartily agree with H & H above. In my presence, that gooey drip would be on the endangered species list and Dee would be hard pressed not to add her own sweet nectar to the mix!

You always have the hottest photos! Our camera gear seems to have gotten lost in the shuffle since our big move as we hardly document our encounters anymore. I admittedly need new material.

I REALLY like your new and smooth header pic!