Thursday, April 26, 2007

Shave and a Haircut - Two Bits

Dee prefers to sport a full bush when she goes for her annual gyno exam, so about three months before she schedules it the razors get put away and for about a quarter of the year she's hairy down there. My lips and tongue get accustomed to the increasing length of her hairs without effort, and they can work well enough through the thatch when she's back to being totally hirsute. And, when her full bush is back it's fun getting some pictures which are quite different than the ones I take for most of the year when she varies between shaves in being stubbly or having her pud and labia totally bald and smooth. Some suggest that adult males only like women whose vulvas are devoid of hair because they look much younger. Bullshit! I prefer the overall look of Dee now, in her 40s, to her appearance in her 20s and 30s; I simply think that her shaved cunt looks, tastes, and feels even hotter than it does with hair.

Don, Mike, and Tom all enjoyed our first shave party a few years ago.
It was the first time Dee's pussy was totally bald since our first kid was
born and the old fashioned doctor ordered a complete shave.

Last night we did the big, first shave since her annual check-up. The full shave. Dee had gotten most of the longer hairs off her pudendum in the shower yesterday morning, but left the stubble and everything on her labia for me to whisk off as part of our foreplay. Even before I had her labes all trimmed my tongue was getting hard with anticipation; I couldn't wait to lick her bald slit again after having had only the hairy version for the past few months. When I finally parted her folds and licked my way up her whole crease, I was in heaven. The scent and taste of her totally bare pussy are different - somehow "wilder" than when her bush is grown in. I was moaning while eating her. The whole time. It was just SO good!

Ted's thick cock looked superb sliding in and out of Dee's totally
bare package a week or so after that very first big shave.

I wrote a while back that I prefer Dee to be fully nude when she's with another guy and I'm taking pictures of their love making. When we're home alone I don't really care if she keeps her socks on when it's cold or even if she just pulls up her nightshirt on occasion instead of taking it off, but when we're out and playing with others I like it best when she has nothing on at all. I'd even have her take off her jewelry if it weren't a bother. There's something about her being totally unadorned so as to give herself fully to her lover in their coupling that grips me. The hair thing comes into play there too. When her cunt is without fur, Dee's as bare as she can be and when a guy slides his cock up and down her bald slit and then eases himself deep into her, that's as close as they can possibly be. Inexplicably, in that closeness that she shares with her lovers, Dee comes even closer to me.

And all for the price of a disposable razor!

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S. Pan said...

Joe, I gotta disagree with you here. I've had it both ways (same lover), and I much prefer a hairy pussy. The trouble with shaving is the nubs come in so quickly, and combined with my "five o'clock shadow", it gets kinda scratchy when I bury my face. Don't get me wrong, Dee's pussy looks yummy either way, but it's sexier to me with a bush. Great pics!

S. Pan King

serendipitygirl said...

as a woman, i do admit i love the feel of it being smooth, but the growing in part...yeah, not so much...full bush is annoying at times...somewhere in between would be prefereable...but it's great that you can explore the different "stages" of dee!

Alfie said...

With Emm I can't really decide which I prefer, and the length of time between furry and bald is too long for me to make a judgement. As for seeing Dee - it's beautiful either way.

D said...

Well, I'm a full bush man myself, Joe. But, never think that I don't love Dee's lovely pussy anyway she wants to show it to me. Mac

MikeCindynJoe said...

That was hot and steamy! (as ALL shave parties should be!)

As you know, we are all as smooth as can be, except for Joe, who tends to be lazy and can go several days between groomings. We often include a "Shave Party" as extended foreplay on weekends or with guests.

Very hot. Thanks for the pleasant reminder.


Anonymous said...

i wax, but only to keep from looking ludicrous when i wear tiny panties...

but that shave party looked so i wouldn't have minded joining in...