Thursday, May 10, 2007

Don's Opus #138

Tonight we'll enjoy Don's 138th time of making love with Dee. Highlights from her mail to him this morning...

I am looking forward to seeing you tonight. It seems like forever since we have made love. I can't wait to have your cock in my ass. I think I want you to cum there, unless you have a different preference. I love feeling your cock fill with cum and then release it inside me. I love feeling that warmth flow from you into me. ...I am sure my pussy will be dripping in anticipation of our evening.

The blouse that Dan will ogle Dee in at work today
and which Don will help her out of this evening.

In playing with the new toy I mentioned yesterday I haven't thought much about sex all week (if you can believe it) but this morning my cock is dripping even as I'm keying this just in knowing how thoroughly Dee's going to get fucked tonight - how eagerly she's looking forward to feeling Don's big, hard cock in her mouth, her pussy, and especially her tight little ass - how eagerly I'm looking forward to hearing Dee's orgasmic mewls and then Don's patented, soft, "Ohhhhhhh," followed by a longer, "Ahhhhhhhhhhhh," which tells me precisely when he's filling my wife's snug bottom with the warm, thick cream that she loves feeling as it gushes into her. She loves knowing that she's giving Don the ultimate physical pleasure she can give as he's ejaculating inside her, and what I'm feeling in that same moment I can't even try to put into words though I've been trying to do that for nearly two full years here. It's just something better than everything else in the world.

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Blissfully Wed said...

Wonderful post. Your words convey such desire and happiness.


Alfie said...

Wouldn't he also like to get his cock between those beautiful breasts? Who wouldn't!