Wednesday, May 09, 2007


If you've been wondering about my recent absence it's because I bought myself a new toy over the weekend and have been spending a lot of time in trying to even out the learning curve on it. Rest assured that all is well and that I'm having a ball, though not the fleshy kind - well, until tomorrow night when I might get to lap at both of Don's like a hungry pup.


D said...

Well, the lapping sounds delicious but now our curiosity is aroused (along with other parts) wondering what your new toy is? Mac

Giacomo said...

In fact, Joe, I had been wondering about your absence. Glad to know all is well and look forward to hearing about the new toy when you have time to write about it.

Have a great time with Don and Dee tomorrow night. Look forward to hearing about that, too.


Giacomo said...

Joe, glad to hear all is well. Have a great evening tomorrow with Dee and Don. We'll be looking forward to hearing how the evening went.


Blissfully Wed said...

Sounds like nice times for everyone around.