Friday, May 11, 2007

I Knew It Would Be a Good One!

All that precumming I did yesterday morning wasn't much compared to how horny Dee was for Don. From the minute she got in the door from work there was a devilish grin on her face, a distinct spring in her step, and a fire in her panties. We grabbed some supper and headed right up to the motel knowing we'd be somewhat early. Dee took off her panties and bra when we got to the room. I stripped completely, monstrously horny as I was and laid back on the bed for a leisurely cocksucking as we waited to hear Don's telltale knock. I think Dee floated to the door after she sprang off the bed when Don finally got there. She couldn't get him out of his clothes fast enough. When she finally did, she eased him into the chair beside the door and dove for his cock head first.

Don rises from being sucked and makes his way to the bed with his cock
pointing to the ceiling. It thrills me to see a guy so hard for my wife,
especially when I know how well he's going to use that stiff cock to pleasure her.

Don was so beautifully hard for her, but he ate Dee for a good while first to give her a number of intense climaxes. He slid upward along her body and eased himself into her pussy. He fucked her slowly, then hard and fast, and then slowly again for fourteen full minutes by the time stamps on the pictures. She came and came and even urged Don to cum in her pussy, but he held back as he always does. He ate Dee some more and then she sucked him again before climbing over him and impaling her pussy on his rigid dick. I watched her gorgeous ass move up and down with my face only millimeters away as she slithered her juicy cunt up and down the full length of Don's smooth shaft. She came some more, but we all knew that the remarkable orgasms she was having would be nothing compared to the ones she'd have when Don gave her the sound ass fucking she was dearly craving.

And ass fuck her he did, when Dee finally got onto all fours and welcomed her lover to stab her between the buns. She was practically cumming just from having her asshole stretched open with Don's entry and after a few long strokes of his cock in her butt Dee was making the alien sounds of her orgasm talk as the huge waves of pleasure washed over her again and again. Watching Don fuck Dee's ass is like watching any great master practice his craft. He's so in tune with her body and knows how to maximize her delight. Likewise, Dee finds great satisfaction in making her lover cum in her so that his pleasure is hers too. I knew when he was filling Dee's ass with his hot cum that she was enjoying his orgasm almost as much as he was. In my own way, I was too. It was a wonderful evening!

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MikeCindynJoe said...


... can I have a glass of water?

D said...

A more beautiful cock I've yet to see. Can't help but say I'd love to have been there to see and hear it all. Glad the evening went well for all three. Mac