Tuesday, May 29, 2007

One of Sharing's Lessons

For much of our marriage Dee and I went about doing our own things, not excluding each other by design but simply because our personal interests didn't overlap. For a number of years there was nothing, other than meals and too infrequent sex, that we truly shared. We're the exact opposite now, doing most things together and enjoying each other's company as often as we can. One of our daughter's friends remarked that Dee and I are "cute" because we casually hold hands in the car. We have a wonderful marriage and Dee's making love with our friends is an extension of the overall closeness that has come to define us.

It's more than that, though. I think that sharing Dee with other men very well might be a key element in our redefined relationship. For most of our marriage I looked at Dee with a sense of ownership of sorts. She wasn't her dad's daughter, our kids' mother, her sister's sister and so on - she was MY wife. Her being my wife is still hugely important to me, but quite frankly when you've seen another man kiss the woman to whom you said, "I do," take off all her clothes, and do those things that usually only married persons do together, something changes - in our case for the better because it took away that notion of my somehow having a "claim" on Dee and made me appreciate that every day of our life together is a gift that she freely offers to me each morning.

I think part of the elation I feel when I see Dee in another man's intimate embrace, watch him enter her body, witness his climax inside her at her urging is simply from knowing that when all is said and done, when all of our fun parts are back in their clothing, Dee and I will be going home together, holding hands in the car as we almost always do. After all the "forbidden fruit" that she's enjoyed, she still calls my little garden home. I'm the luckiest guy in the world to have my best friend as much in love with me as she is, and I appreciate that all so much more in realizing that it's her choice to keep me around day after day, year after year. It's not so much that she's my wife these days. It's that I'm her husband.

The scene I surveyed this past Saturday when I was ready to enter Dee.
There she was all snuggled against her lover even as she presented her
bare bottom to me. In a moment like this I'm keenly aware of how lucky
I am to share a whole life with her in addition to our pleasures of the flesh.

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D said...

Love really reigns supreme in your home. What a lucky guy you are, Joe. Mac

Blissfully Wed said...

Your posts are always so interesting and informative for me. Thanks so much for sharing your experiences and the sexy and loving details of your marriage here.

We may be writing the same stuff on our blog one day. ;)


vsk witness said...

It is so interesting to me to see the perspective that my husband describes written by others. Many don't really understand the true love of sharing. Keep holding hands!