Monday, May 14, 2007

That Amazing Dick

I don't know that I've ever seen Don's cock as such a thing of immense beauty as I did on our date night last week. I've always been in awe of it - its extra length over mine, its ability to get rock hard, it's amazing power over Dee's pleasure centers, both mentally and physically, but there was just something about it standing tall and stiff at the motel a few days ago that really gripped me, especially when I snapped that last picture of it that I posted on Friday. There I was kneeling on the floor with the camera when Don got up from the chair in which he sat while Dee was sucking him and that big dick just loomed over me in its full, erect splendor. I've studied that picture a number of times since, even while stroking myself, immensely grateful for the wonderful pleasures that Don's cock has given to Dee over the past nearly five years, and for the sweetness with which he makes love with her every time.

Yet another view of Don's big, hard cock standing tall last week when
Dee stood before him fully nude for him to probe her wet, aroused pussy.

I love watching Dee tend to Don's cock, especially with her mouth. She gets a far off, distant look in her eyes when she slides her lips down over his glans. Though she's never learned to work a cock deep in her mouth, she sucks and licks Don's knob adoringly. She once wrote about how powerful a feeling it is to make a man hard and desirous for her and I know when she's blowing Don that she's feeling that same sense of power. It's a power she never abuses, though, because she always delivers the best orgasms that she can manage when she gets a guy's dick ready to cum and then takes him over the edge into full climax, usually in her pussy or her ass. I can tell by the look on her face, and her soft moans, even as Dee's just starting to work Don over with her lips and tongue that she's already thinking about the pleasures he's going to return when he puts his magnificent cock into her pussy and rubs her in some places that few others can reach. And even more so I know she's thinking about that big dick stretching her asshole open, poking as deep into her ass as it does, and squirting its warm appreciation for her body right there where she wants to feel it flood her.

I adore too watching how affectionately Don touches Dee, licks her, fingers her, fucks her through too many orgasms to count even in a single evening. When Don's inside Dee it's as if his cock is an extension of his entire being, trying to fill all of her at once. I know that feeling very well myself when I'm inside her pussy and wishing that somehow she could envelop all of me with her soft, warm center as she does with my cock. Though at times Don skewers Dee with fast, deep, hard thrusts, rendering her incapable of making sounds other than moans and arousingly guttural sounds, the almost reverent affection with which he does it always keeps their coupling in the realm of making love and never just fucking. A sizzling hot wife and a great guy with a fantastic cock! What more could any hot wife husband want?

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Willy said...

Yes I really enjoyed the Friday picture of Don's erect cock. What an angle....I haven't had an angle on my cock like that in looks like it could stop bullets too.