Friday, May 25, 2007

Wrapped Up In Dee

There's a very old issue of Penthouse Letters which I've hung on to through the years. In it is without question the hottest story I've ever read and I doubt that any other story to be written could possibly grab me by the gut they way this one did. In the account a man is describing his wife's first penetration by a cock other than his own in the context of their first fully penetrative swinging experience. He weaves a rich tapestry of arousing words explaining how they came to consider swinging, the small steps they took toward getting there, and in minute detail he tells of his wife's foreplay with the man whose cock is going to be the first ever to enter her body other than his own. He pauses when the other man's big glans alone is inside the vestibule of his wife's vagina, just before the man give her the first of many strong thrusts with his full shaft, to share his gut feelings about that moment and no matter how many times I read that same story and in spite of having seen Dee doing the same thing so many times in the flesh, it gets to me every time, raising an excitement in me that is noteworthy in its intensity.

There is nothing I've seen in my entire life that is more exciting than the sight of a hard cock in Dee's pussy, and I'd be hard pressed to think of anything more beautiful. Though it's tremendously arousing to look down and see Dee's hole wrapped around my own stiff shaft, it's always more so when the cock poking into her belongs to one of her lovers. It moves me more than any gorgeous sunset ever has. I don't know why that is. It just is.

One of the most beautiful shots I have of Don inside Dee.

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1 comment:

D said...

Most assuredly, I would have to agree about the beauty of that shot also, Joe. It says volumes. All one has to do is look. Mac