Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Being Seen

I remember wondering ever since I got my hands on my first porn mags back in the early 70's if the women in the pictures were thinking, when they were posing nude, about the effect they were going to have on thousands and thousands of horny guys. Did they think about the guys who'd be seeing their pictures? Did they imagine all those excited cocks standing at attention in their honor? Did they imagine that many guys from all over the world would be pumping out thick gobs of hot semen while looking at those same pictures?

I suppose the answers wouldn't be the same for every woman who's ever disrobed to pose for erotic pictures, but I love when Dee really gets into having her pictures taken because she's fully cognizant of the guys who'll enjoy seeing her nude and she gets aroused in thinking about them viewing and "using" the pictures we're making. Mind you, Dee didn't used to get all hot and bothered back when she posed nude often for the camera and knew that only I would be seeing the pictures we were making. The arousing difference seems to be her knowing that other men will enjoy seeing her.

There have been many times when I've finished shooting pictures to find Dee's pussy dripping that sweet juice it makes to lubricate a cock and which gets churned into girl cream when a thick dick works her hole vigorously. Dee's excitement in thinking about being seen is electric. Though we haven't done many "plain" picture sets since we're more or less back on track with our weekly dates with the guys, it's still fun sometimes just to snap pics of Dee kicking up her heels and showing off her naked goodies for the guys who like looking at her and thinking about doing with her all of the things they read about her doing with Mike and Don.

When Dee's undressing playfully as she is here it's so obvious that
she's becoming aroused while thinking of the guys who'll be seeing
her nude, and anticipating the effect she might have on their cocks.

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Sheen V said...

Thank you for the feet picture!!!

MikeCindynJoe said...

"...or the guys who like looking at her and thinking about doing with her all of the things they read about her doing with Mike and Don."

Ya mean like ME?

(You betcha!)


D said...

Well, Dee can be assured that I am one of the guys you're speaking of here. Dee pictures have given me many hours of indescribable pleasure. I never get enough of her. Mac