Monday, June 04, 2007

On This Date In History

I think in a previous incarnation I was a statistician. I keep track of things with a singular anal retentiveness. I know that it was on this exact date many years ago that I came bareback in Dee's pussy for the first time. We'd done it plenty of times before that with rubbers, and I had my unsheathed cock inside her short of ejaculating on occasion, but back then we were told that birth control pills needed to be taken for three months prior to becoming fully effective and it had been after a doctor's visit, on March 4th that Dee had popped her first one. We observed that three month thing quite literally which made today's date the first on which we could have full blown sex without fear of Dee getting pregnant before finishing college.

It's ironic that many of Dee's lovers have cum in her pussy within an hour of first having met her while in my case it took months before I could freely ejaculate into her, and while the physical act itself is the same with her lovers as it is with me, nothing says, "I love you," more from Dee to me than when she lies back and opens her legs wide to take me into her body and make me cum.

Captured from video of me in Dee a long time ago.

If this isn't your first time here you might know that while I love a good jerking and sucking, it's cumming in my wife's pussy that I love most of all when it comes to getting my rocks off. By the math, even with very conservative figures, I estimate that I've sprayed between 3 and 4 liters of jizz into Dee's pussy through the years since that first big squirt on this very date.

For two thirds of our marriage we lived together loving each other mostly in a "You take out the garbage and I'll iron the shirts" kind of way. It seemed to be more of a living arrangement than a marriage if you judged it by our sex life. I know how lucky I am now to have back with me again the girl of my dreams - the girl with whom I fell in love - even without the frequent e-mails I get telling me just that, but I never mind reading it yet again just in case it should slip from my consciousness for a few seconds. The best I can hope for is many, many more years of cumming in Dee and feeling so much love every time I do.

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D said...

Joe, you won't ever have to worry about being told how lucky you are as long as I'm around to read your blog. I'll keep on reminding you because it it so very true. And no, of all the orgasm producing methods we males tend to dream up there is absolutely nothing, repeat nothing, that equals being buried deeply in your wife's pussy and emptying a huge load into her. It is a very awesome, loving, erotic, passionate thing. If fact, there are no words to describe that particular kind of pleasure. Mac

D said...

Oh, I almost forgot. What a fantastically beautiful picture that is of you and Dee. Joe, I'm really running out of adjectives to describe you two. Mac

Emma Kelly said...

Hey Joe,

From one lovestruck guy to another...that was a beautiful expression of how you feel about Dee.

I get the same about my wife, Em.

Keep it up,

Mrs. Kelly's Playhouse