Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Getting There

For the past year, I've been forced to take some things slowly that I wanted to happen expediently. And, worse, I simply had to wait for events which would affect me in a huge way to happen without having any direct control over them. For the past month or so I've been not stopping to smell the roses but slowing enough for their essence to saturate my sinuses. This late in life I'm learning a thing or two about patience - a quality I'd often envied in others because I had none of my own. Finally, it's sinking into me that it's not all so much about being there. Life's more about getting there.

Sharing Dee is something that's been delightfully in flux since that first night when Dee took off her panties and climbed onto the bed with Don. All of the things I feel about it are so much intensely the same as they were at the outset, yet at any time some subtle difference can wow me from out of the blue to heighten it all. It occurred to me, though, when relating my recent thoughts about how getting there is more important than being there that the same is very true about sharing Dee with her lovers.

If you think about it, for me the climax (literally and figuratively speaking) of a sharing Dee experience is my own orgasm, but it lasts how long? Somewhere between a quarter and half a minute, maybe? Yet I experience so much excitement while getting there, starting days before when I think about it all and imagine the many and varied pleasures that might be exchanged and in what manner. Of course I'm not alone as Dee, whomever we're going to be with, and I often talk about the possibilities - not that we're making a game plan, per se, but we do enjoy thinking about it together, feeding and in turn playing off each other's excitement.

It's often an hour or better after we get to the room before I get inside Dee myself. The watching is magical, riveting, compelling, arousing, and many other "ings" that are too numerous to list. I've mentioned before an article in Penthouse Letters which is my favorite of all time, in which a husband describes his wife's first extramarital fuck in incredibly erotic detail. I get to watch that story time and time again as Dee takes to a bed with her guy. We're long past her first time, but the excitement is as strong as ever. The whole time I'm "getting there." Savoring the journey, smelling the roses (not to mention the heady scent of Dee's arousal), simply appreciating the procession of the action I'm witnessing rather than hurrying to achieve my own orgasm.

Getting there has so many rich "steps" - Dee and her lover share the kissing, touching, undressing. They lick and suck each other. They join themselves together in a number of fun positions. She cums, and cums again, and cums some more. Eventually he cums. And all the time I'm in the shadows (for the most part though I often join in when there's a set of big balls or a winking asshole that seem to beckon my tongue in their direction) taking it all in, feeling my own cock throb and ooze precum as my desire to cum in Dee builds to a head. Oh, my climax in her pussy always feels first rate and I wouldn't trade it for anything, but that hour or so in the room, and the week of thinking about it all happening is really more of what sharing Dee is all about. It's the getting there. I hope I remember that!

"Getting there" can take many delicious forms with a fun wife!

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