Wednesday, June 13, 2007

All Mine

Even after The Dan Disaster we still get some mileage out of the fantasy Dee has of taking Dan to bed. They remain close friends, and she enjoys playing dress up at work to give him some eye candy. In spite of his refusal to join us in bed he still comments on how hot Dee looks when she's wearing that extra something for his benefit, and she still comes home sometimes with her pussy wet because she knows he was looking at her "that way." She came home to me yesterday like that, with her slit moist and the rest of her body raring to head upstairs, and since we had the house to ourselves, that's exactly what we did with supper coming only as an afterthought later. Dee even talked about Dan in bed while I was sucking on her nipples and fingering her wet hole, saying that she wishes he'd get over his weirdness about doing her in front of me and just do her. I asked if she thought he'd jump her if it were only to be the two of them together and she said he would, but finished the sentence assuring me that she'd not want to do it without me there. I love her for that - for keeping her being a "hot wife" an us thing and never wanting to make it into a her thing - not even sometimes.

Entering Dee yesterday after talking about Dan.
Note how puffy her labia majora are! :)

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D said...

Oh me oh my! Another one of those boring pictures. Mercy, I do love them so. Mac

this girl said...


Not just a blissful sigh this time but an all out moan!