Monday, June 11, 2007

I Needed That Picture!

I kind of hate it about myself that I let my critics get to me too much, but it's a reflection of my always trying to make everybody happy and feeling less when it's pointed out to me that I missed the mark with somebody. I appreciate very much the support of those of you who left me positive comments regarding yesterday's post. Mike, I especially like your quote from Dylan; I'll have to remember that the next time somebody comes down on me for not being who he'd like me to be. Mia, I have a mail from you, from the 6th of May, that I've kept on the back burner until such a time as I can get back to you at length, and I will. (It's been the most hectic month or so of my life.) I've been reading Spinning in Control religiously since you wrote me and I love it! That hotties such as you, AAG, and Cheri stop by here thrills me.

Anyway... Today...

I got up to pee about 20 minutes before my alarm would have gone off and I passed by Dee who interrupted her chat with Mike to show off her new Capri pants to me. Her ass looked stunning in them and I kissed it through the fabric before tending to nature's call and crawling back under the covers for a while. I wanted to sleep until the clock buzzed, but my brain had other plans. All I could picture was Dee lying on her back with those pants and her panties halfway down her legs with her knees drawn up. Where did that image come from? I don't know, but there was no way that I was going to fall back to sleep with it screaming to me. Instead I got up again and asked Dee if she'd pose for a few pictures before heading off to work. She graciously granted my wish.

I don't usually toy with pictures but something compelled me to grayscale this shot and I just love it! I love looking at Dee's pussy and ass - I mean sometimes just LOOKING at them and pondering the many and varied pleasures they've provided to those of us who've been lucky enough to make love with her.

Admittedly, when I look at Dee's holes I often think about one of her lovers being inside her, his hard cock feeling her warmth, her moisture, her passion. Am I really THAT obsessed with sharing Dee with other men that when you read me here you're left with the impression that it's the entire focus of my whole being? YES! We saw Mike only four days ago and we'll be seeing Don in three more, and it feels like an eternity in either direction. Dee wrote to Don this morning in a mail, "I love knowing that you still dream about being with me as I dream about you. I love how your cock feels - in my mouth, in my pussy and of course in my ass! Keep thinking sexy thoughts. I like when you are horny!" The "obsession" is one that we share. As much as I love seeing her getting fucked, I love too knowing how much she loves the time we spend with Don and Mike and that she looks forward to it all as much as I do.

I regret that I didn't start this blog way back at the beginning, when we first started seeing Don. Dee, herself, wrote about our experiences at length a lot more back then and sometimes I wish you could get inside her head as much as you do mine 'cause peeking into that complex noggin of hers as almost as much fun as being naked with her. She's such a precious and perfect combination of wife, mom, and sexy lady. Sometimes seeing her practical side juxtaposed with her sex kitten side just makes the latter all the more sizzling. For some reason I find it extra delicious when a woman who can make an Excel sheet stand up and dance is equally capable of stiffening up a man's dick and putting it through its paces.

Before I helped Dee pull her pants back up this morning I snapped this shot too. After nearly 25 years of seeing her naked and being intimate with her I can still near tremble at times when I reach out to touch her bare skin. That's how I felt when I touched her thigh lightly just a few hours ago to take this picture. What I felt inside me was reverence, gratefulness, adoration, and love. Much love. Yes, my pictures of choice here at the blog are highly explicit most of the time, but there's so much more to be seen if you can look far enough into them. That's what I'd like you to see the most - in my pictures and in my words - the things in my heart that can only be felt when you look between the lines with eyes like mine.

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this girl said...

::blissful sigh::

(i'm sure you know why! grin)

D said...

That's what I do, Joe. I try to look deeply into the picture and get into the mind(s) of the subjects. Beautiful as always. Mac