Sunday, June 17, 2007

Love Those Pictures!

Dee was sucking my cock a few days ago and I was happily snapping pictures of her mouth working me over. She slid me from between her lips with a little POP!, grinned and asked, "Don't you think you have enough pictures?"

"Never!" I exclaimed through a chuckle. "I'll never have enough. Even if I had a million it wouldn't be enough!"

Dee smiled, rolled her tongue around my glans and took me back into her mouth as I snapped yet another picture.

It seems it wasn't that long ago when I was boasting that I have over 100,000 nude and action pics of Dee, but apparently I hadn't checked that figure in quite some time because when I checked today the total was more than double that number!

By the end of the summer I'll have well over a quarter of a million pics of Dee with her clothes off.



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