Monday, June 18, 2007

They're Yours

On our wedding day, on our way back here to my city which would be our home from Dee's town in which we we exchanged our vows, Dee lifted her shirt and bra to expose her breasts to me in the car, saying emphatically and lovingly, "They're yours." I reached over to her and ran my fingers over my new wife's soft breasts and hard nipples for my first time as her husband, and although I had had my way with them often during the months of our courtship and engagement, somehow in having her ring on my finger and mine on hers, everything changed. Dee then opened her pants and put her fingers down into her panties. She eased a finger into her vagina, slid it out, and put her moist offering to my lips. I licked her juice and then drew her finger into my mouth. It was the same rich and wonderful taste of Dee's pussy which I'd savored on her bed so many times before, but on this day of days in my life, somehow it was all new. She was my wife!

"They're yours," my new wife cooed in the car on our wedding day as
she bared her breasts to my gaze and touch. This is the oldest picture
I have of Dee's breasts, at age 19 in her dorm room.

Though I had had other sex partners before we met (as had Dee), and although we'd already made love together many times, even bareback, when I came in Dee on our wedding night I experienced the most complete union with another person that I'd ever felt. I first encountered the term "ineffable" in a philosophy class where it was used to demonstrate similarity between a hallucinogenic drug experience and a religious experience of the most profound kind and it's the best word to explain why I can't express my feelings the way I wish I could here - because the feelings themselves are incapable of being put into succinct words which can convey the emotion behind them. Suffice it to say that as I ejaculated into my new wife for the first time it was as if her vagina was a portal onto another plane of existence and being. I sprayed ropes of cum deep in her belly with a previously unknown intensity, and I was one with the universe as I did.

As the years went on Dee and I grew apart but not in a way that either of us ever tried to discuss except for occasional accusations of, "You're not the same person I married." We fucked regularly, but there were years I think during which we not once truly made love. Was our bad sex symptomatic of our relationship or was the relationship strained because of the lousy sex? I don't know that I'll ever be able to answer that question. I know, though, that I always loved Dee, and except for the lack of true emotion in the sack I always thought she was as near to perfect a wife as I could hope to have. Indeed, she was infinitely better than the wife I'd imagined for much of my life I'd have to settle for, for the sake of being married at all.

Our "coming back to each other" - the big change that happened in the summer of 2002 which led us back to falling in love with each other all over again but more deeply and crazily than even the first time around - it too is all tied up in our sex. Again I can ask if our marriage grew better because of the newfound, amazing sex we were having or if the sex proceeded from the restoration of our deeply emotional bond with each other, but once more I can't even begin to suggest an answer. I truly don't know. After Dee started making love with Don on a regular basis, it all got even better - the love, our own sex, the wildly wonderful emotions, and the ineffability of it all scrambled every last one of my brain's attempts to make any sense out of it whatsoever. I'm still learning to accept the goodness without questioning so much in trying to understand it.

Much about my presence in the hot wife scene online is simply because I wish everyone could know the same joy I feel in sharing Dee. I try to encourage others to do this if they've been thinking about it, hoping for them to experience the same emotions that I can't even begin to explain though I've been trying here for over two years now. Those breasts I touched in the car on our wedding day... Though I've seen them in other men's hand and mouths, have seen stiff cocks hump between them, have seen other men anoint their stiff peaks with precum and gush their thick cum onto them... They're still "mine." Somehow, though, in a way that can't be put into words, offering them to others for their pleasure and Dee's makes their "being mine" all the better. I wish I could tell you how that is, but I'll really never know.

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Lapis Ruber said...

Can I just say that your second paragraph beautifully expresses exactly how I felt on my wedding night (some 32 years ago). We too had made love before then but jointly decided to abstain from intercourse for three months before our wedding so that "the first night" of our married life together would be special. And it was! Thank you for expressing it far better than I could have.