Saturday, June 16, 2007

Repost Away!

I've never quite understood some folks' disdain for the reposting of personal nudie pictures on the 'net that were originally shown in a public forum. I like posting Dee's nude and action pictures to a variety of websites and newsgroups and I've always been of the mind that I'd like as many folks as possible to enjoy them. If somebody likes what he sees of Dee and thinks her pictures are worthy of further enjoyment, where's the harm in his sending them to a site or group that I might not even know about? As long as somebody's looking at her, liking what he sees, and maybe even giving his dick a rub or two I'm happy to know that our pictures of Dee are being enjoyed.

There are exceptions. Nobody should ever grab free pictures online and then include them on a pay website or use them for any commercial gain. And nobody should repost pictures which are clearly and properly noted as being copyrighted material. I'm no lawyer and won't quibble about how every photograph is copyrighted whether or not it's duly noted; if you don't want your pictures shown around, don't put them where they can easily be taken. Obviously, it's wrong to repost pictures and pretend that they're your own, and pictures received in private mails or seen on a private site to which you have access should never be shown to anybody else. Other than that, though, I think reposting is fair game.

A picture of Dee taking off her bra at the motel. I
found it recently reposted in one of the newsgroups.

What made me think of this was my recent discovery of a newsgroup named and finding a few pics of Dee among the reposted pictures there. I was positively tickled that somebody thought Dee's pics were hot enough to save them to his drive, include them in a set of pics he thought were worth being seen by others, and making them available for others to ogle. Don't let the "saggy" throw you. It simply means that the women featured in the group are exactly the ones I love seeing the most - typically middle aged MILFs. I'll be posting some originals too in the days ahead, and gushing lots of hot cum in honor of the many fine women displayed there!

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deeslittlemike said...

Mmmmmm Dee's lucious boobies. I will never tire of seeing them, fondling them, kissing them or licking them. They are wonderfully delicious! Post them everywhere!


D said...

And I'll never tire of looking at them either, Mike. That does include sucking her nipples, does it not??

deeslittlemike said...

That always includes sucking on her nipples. I enjoy doing that very much. Dee always lets me get my fill of sucking them when we play. She is a wonderful lover, her and Joe spoil me constantly!


Emma Kelly said...

I don't mind the idea of having stuff borrowed and reposted. In fact, I really get off on the idea that some guy out there is looking at a pic of me and jacking off. But I have had stuff stolen without my permission and then used to make it look like I was somehow associated with other sites, some which were ad-driven.

I think, like you said, as long as it is just reposting saying, "Damn, I found this hot tittie pic at another site. Don't you just love those." Then there really is no harm.

But the further the pics get away from you, the further out of your control they become and who knows where they end up.