Saturday, June 09, 2007


We don't often get a picture of a man's cock after the fact of it having been in Dee's pussy, but we did recently from Ron with whom we and Mike met three years ago in June of 2004. It's a gorgeous picture and the sight of it stirs me in part simply because it's a magnificent specimen of manhood, but mostly because I know that every last delicious millimeter of it has felt the warm walls of Dee's cunt wrapped around it.

The picture Ron sent us this past week

The odd thing about the mail in which the picture of Ron's cock came is that it said, "I miss you and would love to meet again."

Ron had to skip out for work the evening we met him, after he'd given Dee a good sound fucking in a variety of positions, but before he came. And, as is often the case, we didn't hear from him afterwards. Now, three years later he says he misses Dee? I can certainly understand him wanting to meet again because Dee knocked herself out sucking his dick and then fucking him, but "missing" her? It was he who chose not to keep in touch for three years.

Dee had just tucked Ron into her pussy when I snapped this shot
and she was just about to start sliding up and down his shaft when he
started drilling up into her with lightning speed. Nobody else ever
fucked her so fast and it was damned impressive to see.

Sometimes I just don't get it. People can be so confusing. Good thing I make sense to myself. Well, at least now and then.

As for Ron, I think Dee will be hard pressed even to remember which guy he was. Those one-timers kind of fade into obscurity in her head. If not for the pictures they would to me too - except for their dicks. Those I think I might remember. I don't know if Dee will give him another chance or not, but I wouldn't mind seeing that beautiful cock of his working her hole double-time again.

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D said...

Yep, people are definitely hard to figure out most of the time. It's certainly not hard to appreciate these two pictures, however.

Cheri said...

Mmmmm...that is certainly a very nice specimen, I can see why you might want to see it again. yeah, I don't get it either why people say that after so long of no contact. Maybe he felt some guilt but the thought of Dee just keeps popping into his head. Kind of like the note from think about it everyday but it's not like you act on it. Who knows...but thanks for sharing these pix...they are super hot darling!! XOXOX