Friday, June 15, 2007

Only Because of Love

Somehow, in spite of my traditional Catholic beliefs, (except for the ones I contradict here daily), it seems that the ancient more mystical belief systems do have a certain sensibility about them that the big Western faiths don't seem to profess. There's a remarkable and uncanny balance of give and take running through the undercurrents of life when you look closely enough for it and pause to give it heed.

It all happened here, in the very room on the other side of the windows in this picture which I snapped today. It's her dorm room downtown - the room in which Dee and I first expressed our love for each other, first in our words, then in our intimacy. In our falling in love I took her from Richie, the older, married lover to whom she might have eventually returned for more of his dick if not for the start of our courtship. And I took her away from Bill, the guy whose engagement ring she had been wearing even through our first kiss.

Never did I envision when I was taking her from them and claiming her for my own that someday I would give her to other men in bed. Not in a million years would I have believed when I first fumbled to unhook Dee's bra that someday I'd feel secure enough to have other men touch her, kiss her, make love with her, without fearing that I might lose her to them the same way that Richie and Bill lost her to me.

If not for love, this sharing of Dee couldn't be. If not for the 19 years we spent together before our first sharing experience with Don, it couldn't have happened. Although sharing my wife sexually with others might seem to be the antithesis of genuine love, I know it isn't. It's my love for her that allows - nay, demands that she be blessed with the pleasures that her lovers bestow on her so generously. It's her love for me that let her take the crazy leap of faith that was required for her to take off her panties that first time for Don, and that same love which not once has ever made me fear, not even a little, that I could possibly lose her to another man because of the richness of her extramarital love making experiences.

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1 comment:

D said...

Almost poetic, Joe. Very lovely. Mac