Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Going with the Flow

Back when we first started seeing Don, and then Mike regularly, I often talked with both of the guys in e-mails as one of our dates approached. We'd talk about things we'd like to do or see, not making a game plan, per se, but trying to think of things that might make such an evening more pleasurable for us and then we'd work toward fulfilling those things when we'd get to the motel room.

One of my earliest fulfilled fantasies with Don was seeing him holding Dee and fucking her in mid air.

With Mike it was tying him to the bed and having Dee tease him for close to an hour before giving his cock any real attention.

These days we're much more inclined to go with the flow on a particular evening and simply to follow our whims and instincts when it comes to giving and receiving pleasure all around. Some fantasies will never be fulfilled only because of where we are in our lives. I'd love to have Mike drink milk from Dee's breasts for example, because he adores her tits, but her days of lactating were a lifetime ago. I'd like to see Dee being fucked in her mouth, pussy, and ass all at the same time, but I think we'd need some college guys limber enough to make that happen and Dee's not into young men. For the same reason, highly unlikely will be ever seeing Dee take a young guy's virginity, but I'd like it.

Part of the reason too, I think, for why we're less likely to think of a date evening and plan ahead for any particular pleasures is that we've all become so content together - Dee and me, and Don, and Mike. Our relationship with each of the guys is unique and our evenings have become as much about lying together on the bed bullshitting when we're all fucked out as they are about the sucking and fucking itself. These two men have become the closest friends we've ever had together as a couple. I might not go so far as to say that they complete something in our marriage that would otherwise be missing, but they enhance our relationship to each other in a wholly wonderful way that I can't describe at all. Though I doubt that I could ever be truly and fully polyamorous with my affections for Dee I'm happy to share her love with these two guys as she does with her clothes on as much as with them off.

You'll probably never see us swinging from the light fixtures because we've come to appreciate that a steady diet of loving, warm, emotional, affectionate sex played out as it happens with special friends is much better than contrived, acrobatic couplings, and because there are so few fantasies left to script even if we wanted to plan ahead.

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Tallman11564 said...

I just love your blog! What a wonderful life you guys lead, and the friendship that accompanies it. Thank you Joe and Dee for sharing with us. The pic of Mike getting teased and his rock hard cock was very nice!