Monday, July 16, 2007

Don's Juice

I knew from the beginning, when I took the initial steps that I'd hoped would lead Dee to consider having sex with another man, that in order for her to open her body to his advances she'd first have to open her heart somewhat to him as a person. Likewise, I assumed that once she made that emotional connection she'd not even think about using a condom if she decided to make love with him. I was right. The first night that we met with Don for Dee's initial extramarital experience, he was fucking her doggie style after over an hour of foreplay and doing her pussy bareback in a variety of positions. As Don was giving it to Dee fast and hard from behind I heard her, though almost under her breath, telling him to cum - saying that she wanted to feel him squirt in her pussy. I was sure he couldn't hear her so I turned and gave Don the thumbs-up and told him what she had said. Not long after I heard Don groan and knew that he was honoring Dee's request and filling my wife's well satisfied cunt with his hot cum.

The zenith of the excitement for me whenever Dee is with a lover is when she brings him to orgasm and makes him ejaculate. Last week when we were playing with Don I was kind of fixated on his juice. I was watching Dee suck his cock and lick his balls and I was thinking about the warm liquid in his body moving toward wherever it goes when it's getting ready to be expelled at the moment of his ultimate pleasure. Dee laid Don on his back and eased her dripping pussy down onto his big skewer of a cock, and again I was thinking about Don's cum - thick and rich and awaiting the eventuality of being sprayed into Dee. It seemed that every time they changed positions or switched over to fingers and tongues all I could think about was Don's semen, still in him but destined most likely for my wife's ass and moving with every little spasm of pleasure that coursed through him toward that wonderful release inside her body.

Both Don and Dee are happily satisfied when he pumps her full of
his hot cum, and in my own strange but delightful way, I am too.

When Don took a breather at one point, I was more worked up than usual and moved into position for Dee to suck my cock and then drain me into her pussy. When I mounted her missionary style, Don moved into position so Dee could suck him at the same time. (He knows that I love watching Dee suck him while I'm fucking her.) As I moved in and out of Dee's warm, velvety snatch getting closer to cumming with each passing second, I looked intently at her mouth moving up and down on her lover's cock, all the while thinking about Don's cum percolating inside him. Even as my own cock let loose and gushed a heavy load into Dee my head was filled with thoughts of how Don's long one would be doing the same in Dee's ass not long after.

I've always been one to fixate on singular things like that. Somehow being intently focused on some particular makes an overall picture even more exciting to me. It's not only in bed; it can be in just about any situation where my brain grabs a small peek of something and uses it to enhance the entire view. Is that a guy thing, or is it just me?

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Mr. & Mrs SW said...

When we have threesomes with another male I also get very excited when he dumps is load into Mrs. SW's pussy. That is the hot part of the whole evening

Vampyr said...

I am a new reader to your blog, and what a great start. You are not alone. The idea of watching a man cum in my Ladye nearly makes me burst in my own pants. Enjoy it as much as you like, and I'll be back for more posts.

Alfie said...

Wonderful image!!!! It will remain in my mind for a very long time. I do wish I could replicate it.

Brent said...

What a beautiful thought as well as picture. This is nature at it's finest moment, the way it was meant to be. I would love to be able to be in your shoes and then clean out the wet spot and repeat. I will be checking back.