Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Favored Views

I was doing my favorite summer, morning routine this morning - downloading porn and jerking off - and I thought about how every time I do it, I do it in hopes of downloading that singular, ultimate erotic picture to which all other images will bow down and worship in their utter inferiority, and with the acquisition of which I will never again need to see another dirty picture for the rest of my life as long as that one remains in my possession to be on my screen every time I make my cock erupt with my hand. Through the years I've moved many, many pictures, though very selectively, to my TDF (To Die For) folder. They're the ones I generally "use" during a masturbation session in between checking out the new ones I've just pulled down and viewing a series of Dee with one of the guys as I'm getting closer to cumming. In spite of having moved thousands of very hot pictures to that special folder, I've yet to find one that can make the many others pale for all time.

Neither can I find from the near quarter of a million pics I've snapped of Dee a single picture that stands out as the absolute best in terms of making my heart pound and my cock throb. This one, though, among some other all time favorites, stands out.

Dee's three sessions with Ted when he was here on business near the beginning of 2004 were among the most intense experiences we've had. Though we didn't know Ted well enough for their coupling to be as fully emotional and loving as it is when Dee's with Don or Mike, it was very passionate and affectionate with Ted kissing Dee and holding her close in between the many times he fucked her throughout the course of the hours we spent with him each time. Dee sort of just melted in Ted's embrace - totally zoned out on the attention and pleasure he gave her in massive doses. There's a good chance that it was during those sessions with Ted that Dee came closest to almost forgetting that I was even there for long stretches of time as he rolled her around the bed while they were fucking and positioned her to do her in a number of unique ways I hadn't seen before, nor since. Ted was pretty good at positioning himself for my lens too - allowing me some exquisite shots of his thick cock penetrating my wife's pussy, and during one of our times with him her ass as well.

Ted posed for this picture in particular. When he saw me coming closer with the camera he slid his big cock out of Dee's hole with the tip of his glans still nestled in the vestibule of her pussy and waited for me to adjust the camera for the close-up before easing himself back inside her. This view of Ted's thick slab of meat glistening with my sweetheart's pussy juice might not be the ultimate picture I'll ever snap, but it comes closer than most others to putting me back into a really great moment. Meanwhile, I'll just have to keep trying to shoot the one that will force me to retire the camera.

From Dee to Don this morning about our date with him this week during which we'll officially celebrate our fifth anniversary of sharing Dee with him: "I can't wait to see you. I have missed you. Just keeping thinking about that first time - when I was wearing the spaghetti strap tank top and flowered shorts. I wanted you so much! You looked so sexy standing outside the car and then when we talked in the back seat. I knew right away that I wanted you!" I love it that five years later she still wants him that much - and that he wants her.

This has to be the quote of the month from anywhere. Found it yesterday on Sugarbank and even out of context it's just damned hilarious: "It just would creep me out every time I talked to you to know that you were banging that fake vagina. Ick!!!" It's even funnier in context so I recommend that you hit this link if you're in the mood to laugh.

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Lil-Lolita said...

I get why that pic makes you thrOb ;)

D said...

That is simply a gorgeous picture, Joe.