Wednesday, July 25, 2007

When Dee Kneels

Depending on her mood, Dee is either dominant or passive on a date with one of the guys. I like it when she's in an aggressive frame of mind, taking charge and directing the evening's course of pleasures. Often when she's nicely aroused from undressing and taking off her lover's clothes, she'll ease him back into a chair or onto the edge of the bed, kneel in front of him, and dive for his cock with her mouth. Watching Dee suck cock when she's calling the shots is one of my favorite things to see her do with a lover. She goes at his dick with such relish that I can almost feel her lips and tongue on my own as I watch her go at it, and from the slurping and licking sounds to the soft moans she makes as she tends orally to her lover's cock, it's as much an aural treat as it is visual. Mostly, it's the fact that she's not giving him an option to do anything except sit or lie there and have his cock sucked for as long as she pleases that makes me giddy with delight.

"Poor" Gerry had no choice except to give his cock up
to Dee's mouth till she satisfied her oral craving.

The night we met Mike for the first time was like that. Clad in only her panties Dee greeted Mike at the door, gave him a kiss, pulled his pants down to his knees, sat him in the chair beside the door and took to her knees. Except for pausing to get the rest of Mike's clothes off and move over to the bed, she didn't stop sucking his cock till she made him cum in her mouth while Don was fucking her doggie style. Yep! There are definite bonus points to be had when Dee takes her bull by his "horn!"

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1 comment:

Blissfully Wed said...

I read your sexy post and wish like hell I was being attacked with such lust and desire.

What a lovely and sexy situation you have.