Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Love With A Condiment and Other Stuff

Some mornings I’m just on top of the world when I get up, for no reason other than my being married to somebody I love so much. There were few things in life that I ever wanted with all my heart. Being married was at the top of the list. During my teens when my belly preceded the rest of me into a room by a few seconds (much as it still does, but I'm beyond those years when self esteem is too important), I imagined at times with a sense of horror and dread the woman I thought I'd have to settle for if I were to have a wife at all - pretty much a woman resembling Hagrid from the Harry Potter movies, but with the personality of a Tasmanian devil. Though I'm not a hell of a believer in "meant to be" type thinking, the ease with which Dee and I fell in love left me with the feeling that we were destined for each other and that all of my choices in life that led me up to that moment when she and I first looked at each other through loving eyes were somehow orchestrated behind the scenes by Somebody who is very familiar with love Himself.

Dee was so cute this morning as she got her lunch together. Some days I'm overwhelmed by her sweet presence and this was one of them. I watched her get some bread out of the bag and even an act that simple made my heart throb with love for her. When she finished putting some mayonnaise into a little tub a small blob of the stuff hung on the rim of the small vessel. Like a kitten Dee stuck out the tip of her tongue to lick it off and if she hadn't been almost late at that point I'd have grabbed her for a five minute hug.

Dee left for work a few minutes later, and as I do most mornings when she leaves the house before I even hit the shower, I felt a gulp of emptiness. I sipped my coffee and read a few e-mails that had come in overnight until the morning poop dropped into place at which point I grabbed the newspaper and headed for the can. When I'd finished my business and went to return the paper to the kitchen table I nearly gasped aloud when I saw Dee's small tub of mayo sitting there. Knowing that she'd not have arrived at work yet, I called and offered to bring it to her workplace - about 20 miles up the interstate. She told me where to meet her and said she'd have a coffee ready for me. Less than a half hour later I pulled my white stallion (okay, dumpy compact) up to the curb and saved the day for Dee's tomato sandwich. It was worth the drive just to see her again for a few more minutes before she headed in to work.

I grabbed the laptop on my way out the door thinking that maybe I'd find somewhere up there to write today's blog entry, but with the weather so nice I decided to come home and then take off on two wheels. I'm back in the park where I wrote my post a few days ago. I'd stopped briefly at another that looked promising, but there were some kids there and I wouldn't want them reading over my shoulder the kinds of things I typically write here, so that didn't work out for today.

Now, for the usual stuff that you come here for...

It was months ago when I found at Wife Lovers a note from a married guy in his late 20's who's looking for a little something extra. He wasn't even sure in his personal post of what he was looking for and offered a number of maybes such as exchanging fun mails and pictures, chatting, and perhaps fulfilling some curiosities on his part. I wrote to him then, but as is so often the case, I never heard back - until a few days ago when he apologized for the long delay. We're in touch now and I'm not sure where it'll lead, if anywhere. He seems hesitant and cautious, which I always take as good signs. It might be fun to invite him, eventually, to make one or two of the fantasies I expressed yesterday come true.

I also got overnight a reply from another mail I sent out a few weeks ago. It was from a swinging couple who are acquaintances of a friend. Though I doubt that us middle agers are the kinds of folks they'd enjoy playing with, I think it would be a whole lot of fun even to join them for dinner someday simply to enjoy the company of other folks who know the same joys that we do in our extramarital activities.

This shot of Ted with Dee shows nicely something that I love seeing when I'm watching Dee making love - his whole body pressed to hers while his cock drives deep into her warm pussy. When a guy's on Dee like that there's something almost possessive and protective about his posture which fills me with the feeling that I'm watching something nurturing. Maybe I go on and on the way I do here day after day because we've been fortunate or astute enough to select partners who appreciate the whole package in making love with Dee and who aren't only about squirting their cum with her.

(OMG! A hot looking young MILF just went by pushing a stroller, wearing tight white pants that accentuate the best part of any woman's body! On the down side, a helicopter just went overhead for the third time. Here I am wearing a bright orange shirt and hoping now that there isn't some prisoner on the loose for whom I might be mistaken.)

For a long time I sort of secretly wished that all married couples could be swinging, sharing, or otherwise open sexually, thinking that many of the world's woes would be made a whole lot less important if they were. Lately, though, I've come to realize what a rare gift this is - the ability to be in a deeply loving marriage to which extramarital sex is a welcome addition, and that the majority of married folks need to cling to absolute sexual monogamy as couples even if one or both of the parties are open to extramarital sex as individuals unbeknownst to the other. I believe I love and appreciate Dee more since I've "given" her the wings to explore her sexuality openly than I did when I thought of myself as having "ownership" over her. For us, at least, this is how it's supposed to be.

St. Francis said in the prayer which bears his name that it is in giving that we receive. For me, at least, that's been so true. I've never known love as I have since we started sharing Dee. I have so much more than I ever dreamed possible in a marriage. Yeah, I'm sounding like some kind of emotional schoolgirl here today, but it's how I feel. Love conquers all. Love IS all, and I'm so damned lucky to have it as I do.

(Post Script: On the way home I came upon an accident scene. There were more unmarked police cars there than I thought the regional municipalities owned, along with regular police cars all over the place, and fire equipment, ambulances, etc. Perhaps there was a high speed chase? Perhaps that's why I was being buzzed by a chopper at the park?)

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Blissfully Wed said...

I always admire how lovingly you write about Dee. It's quite inspiring.

D said...

Joe, there's more than a few of us who enjoy the first part of this post. Your love for Dee is awesome. Mac

Sheen V said...

I also just love reading your blog. It very much shows your love for Dee. It also stirs something inside me that makes me wish I were there to see it all happen. And I love the pictures of Dee that show her feet!