Monday, July 30, 2007

Simple Things

I've made mention in the past that I don't really have any major sexual fantasies left that haven't already been played out as most excellent realities. There are some enjoyably entertaining little ones, though, that pop into my brain from time to time.

I'd like to watch Dee, totally clothed, give a fully nude guy a hand job to orgasm. I'd like for him to be somebody we never met before 'cause it wouldn't be the same with somebody who's already experienced more with her. There'd be bonus points awarded for repeat sessions with Dee making him cum in various positions - sitting, lying, kneeling on all fours, and so on. Perhaps after some months of such masturbation sessions he'd be treated to the same with Dee fully bare too, and maybe after a year or so he'd be allowed to fuck her.

I'd like for somebody new to join us on a date night, but not to play with Dee - simply to lie back and let me have my way with his cock while he watches Dee do it all with her lover. A variation would be to have a guy watch Dee with a lover and just masturbate until he makes himself cum.

I'd like to do an old Penthouse style simulated sex photo shoot with Dee and a guy who would be willing to just put his cock near her mouth, her pussy, her ass, but without actually penetrating her. I find those "almost there" photos to be highly charged with erotic energy.

Weird? I dunno. Maybe when you have it all, sometimes less can be more?

I totally enjoyed watching Jack stroke his cock while he watched Dee and
Mike make love, but eventually Dee took mercy on him and invited him
to fuck her. I'd like to see a guy stroke himself to orgasm while watching her.

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D said...

Wonder how many volunteers you'll get besides me? Marvelous picture,Joe. Mac

MikeCindynJoe said...

I'd most certainly volunteer to be a volunteer!

Name your fantasy and the next time I'm in PA, I'd fulfill as many of them as I have the endurance for!

Love you and your Dee! (I mean it!)

You have the best blog ever!