Thursday, August 02, 2007

Mr. Lucky

Since around October when Dee's pains became more chronic we've slowed down a lot with our e-mails to and from others. I used to post Dee's e-mail address with all of the picture sets I put online so the guys who enjoy seeing her naked and playing could write to her, but with the pains she's not often in a sexy frame of mind sufficient to make doing the mails as much fun as it once was for her. As a result I read far less often than I used to, "Your husband is a very lucky man." I sure haven't forgotten that, though. Not for an instant!

How many married guys today are going to get to suck a friend's cock with their wives encouraging them, watching them do it, or even doing it right along with them? Likewise, how many married guys who'd do anything to see it happen will get to watch their wives make love with a friend all the way through his creamy finish in her loving pussy? Though I've been enjoying these delicious moments and more on nearly a weekly basis for five years, there hasn't been a single day when we've played that I haven't been fully conscious of just how rare and wonderful it all is for me because I'm married to a marvelous lady.

Today we see Mike and this beautiful dick of his will be a source of great pleasure for both Dee and me. I can't wait to feel him in my mouth, as hard rock, while he's kissing Dee and anticipating being inside her. Sure, his excitement is evident to me simply in seeing how amazingly stiff he gets for her, but feeling that remarkable degree of erection on my tongue and against my lips just makes me appreciate all the more how much she makes him want her. And, admittedly, when Dee's kissing Mike deeply and I'm sucking his cock I feel a unique bond between the three of us that's unlike anything else by way of human emotion. The intensity of his orgasm inside her I can readily see with each jolt of pleasure that courses through him, but to taste his cum on Dee's pussy or on his cock afterwards makes what he's experienced concrete for me in a special way. I am so lucky, even if I don't read it every day in the mails. I know it. I thrive on it!

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Blissfully Wed said...

Sexy as always.


Mr. & Mrs SW said...

Although not common it is not that unusual

D said...

Can't help but say it again. You're a lucky guy, Joe. Mac

Tallman11564 said...

again, i just love your blog. thanks for sharing all that you do. Mike's cock looks awesome in the pic. what i would give to be included with you guys sometime....Mmmmmm.....makes me rock hard just thinking about it. It dosen't help that I'm extreemly horny toda either! LOL....
take care Dee and Joe!
Tman (

Him and Her said...

Ditto! The beauty you feel and that which is reciprocated is wonderful! Lucky indeed!