Monday, July 02, 2007

Mike & Mack on Tap

Mack wrote a few days ago to ask how we're doing and to see if Dee's pains had subsided enough for him to join us again. I mentioned it to Dee and she agreed that it would be fun if he could join us with Mike this week. I sent him an invitation and he replied that he'd love to. I'm excited in a number of ways!

Mike has a vacation day and will be spending much of it up here with me. I'm not sure where we'll go or what we'll do yet, but I know it'll be a great day regardless of what we decide. Dee will join us for supper near the motel when she gets out of work and I'll call Mack with the room number as we head over to turn up the air conditioning, shower or wash, and strip the covers off the bed. Depending on how close Mack is to getting there perhaps Mike and Dee will get out of their clothes and start their foreplay, or if he's not too far out maybe we'll wait so the guys can strip her together. The possibilities are many and juicy all around!

Not since December has Dee had two cocks to enjoy at the same time
(not counting mine) and I can't wait to see her together with Mike and Mack.

Mike has never acted possessive of Dee, but their closeness is evident when she's giving her active attention to another guy and Mike's nearby holding one of her hands while she's enjoys cunnilingus with, gives some head to, or gets fucked by the other man. It's almost as if I'm an outsider watching the full scene between a wife, her lover, and the hot wife husband with Mike acting out my usual part alongside the bed, looking at Dee with eyes of deep affection and maintaining the familiar contact especially if she's with somebody she's never made love with before.

Mack has a prominent mushroom type glans atop his shaft and I'm looking forward to sucking him again just as much as I'm keyed up about him being with Dee. I'm already imagining myself sucking Mike while he's watching Dee with Mack, and then perhaps doing the same with Mack while Mike's with Dee. Remind me to remind Mike to get us a room with two beds when he checks us in!

It's Dee who's enjoying the feeling of Mack's knob in her mouth here,
and I can't wait to feel it in mine again too especially if I suck his cock
while he's watching Mike with Dee and waiting to be with her himself.

Mack will be using condoms again for intercourse. Don and Mike are the only guys now going bareback because of the special relationship we enjoy with each of them. It was strangely exciting to see Mack's condom clad cock dicking Dee when we saw him last September. It was the first time I'd seen anybody doing Dee with a rubber on and I found it to be just as arousing as seeing a bare cock sliding between her labia - maybe even a little more so because it was a first for us.

As I often do by putting my thumb into the shot I've indicated here that
I snapped this very picture just as Mack announced that he was cumming.
Even though I knew he was filling the condom with his semen rather than
Dee's pussy itself it was still highly exciting to see my wife milking him to
climax inside her.

I don't typically play tag but when the delightful Emma (Mrs. Kelly) tagged me with this one ("Apparently what you do is write 7 facts about yourself and then “tag” 7 other people to do the same thing.") I was tempted to play along - until I started writing a few things and then decided that they, along with anything else I might write, would be too revealing. I'd best just stick to talking dirty.

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