Saturday, July 28, 2007

This Is Your Brain on Sex

I can't remember the last time that sex for me wasn't more cerebral than visceral. As a teen I used to hate those spontaneous erections that seemed to pop up out of nowhere, and now I'd part with good money to have one just for the fun of it. As a senior in high school I did a solo vocal performance with the jazz band and all three nights of the concert I wore a jock strap hoping that the elastic would suppress the tent in the front of my tux pants if I happened to pop a hard-on while I was on stage. Nowadays I need some well placed friction to get it up enough to work with it, and a lot more than a little rub. It's all good, though, because somewhere along the way I learned to have sex in my head.

Except for the few seconds of having an orgasm, the physical thrill of actual sex is nowhere near as "exciting" as it once was. I mentioned a long while back that even during those times when our extramarital adventures featured me playing with other women, I never once felt that same spark I did when I was a kid and got me a handful of tit even through a tee shirt and bra. Not even close to it. I went through those days knowing full well that I'd be naked with a new lady later that evening, having her suck my cock, eating her pussy, fucking her - but I didn't feel any of that highly charged excitement that I would have in my youth. And I far more enjoy sucking cock than having my own sucked.

Sex has become something I do more with my brain than with my dick, but it's still excellent. The cerebral part of sex that I didn't so much appreciate in my younger days is very, very good. I'm thinking about sex all the time and although I'm not enjoying it with my dick necessarily hard and primed, I'm truly liking this part of my life with its "brain sex." Just about every woman who comes into my field of view goes to bed with me in my head. I'm constantly on the prowl, eyeing up ladies, and fucking the living shit out of them in my thoughts. They're giving me deep throat, licking my asshole - doing it all as much and as often as I want. My cock might not be inflating as I have this steady procession of living porn going on in my noggin, but I'm enjoying it just the same on a different plane that I can't even begin to try to explain or describe.

Spying this lovely MILF at the lake last summer and ogling her as she went about doing her mommy of toddler things had this dirty old man quite happy to be fantasy banging her the whole while she was in view. (She reminds me of New Girl.) It was good that I wasn't sporting wood, panting, and drooling as I was sitting there with friends and family all around and imagining this sweet young mom wrapped around my cock. I'm happy to be having as much sex with my brain as I do with my cock. And I can have brain sex all the time - even in church! In fact I'm having some hot, steamy brain sex right now - with some of you.

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1 comment:

Alfie said...

So much of what you say rings true wuth me - especially the unwanted teenage erections and the thrill of "a handful of tit through t-shirt and bra". Why must it all wasted on the young?