Friday, August 03, 2007


Last month I posted my thoughts the morning after a date with Don and I wrote about how when we were with him I was thinking about his cum the whole time he was playing with Dee, but before he filled her with his cream. Last night was similar with Mike except it was after Mike came that my brain was doing its overload thing. I was thinking about his cum too - specifically about his millions of sperm cells swimming around in Dee.

After Mike came I laid back and Dee started sucking me because she knows that I think a fuck without getting sucked first is like a day without sunshine. She was in one of her usual positions, beside me on all fours so I could reach her slit with my fingers while she worked my dick with her mouth, and as soon as my fingertips slithered between her labia I could feel Mike's cum. All at once I thought about those sperm cells inside her, swimming furiously through her cervix, across the lining of her womb, and racing up her fallopian tubes till they reached the dead ends. My cock stiffened quickly between Dee's lips as my brain kept thinking about Mike's swimmers and how shortly I'd be adding my own to the mix.

Dee takes Mike up inside her. Her goal - to make
him fill her pussy with a flood of his warm cum.

Though Dee and I decided nearly a year ago that new and occasional lovers would need to wear condoms for intercourse with her, Mike and Don will always enjoy making love with her bareback. She likes feeling them ejaculate into her and often encourages them verbally to empty themselves into her. There was an evening a long time ago when Dee was one of three women catering to the sexual delights of four guys and as things worked out we all came in the other two girls though we all had a great time with Dee too. On the way home, with a pouty lip hanging Dee lamented in a little girl voice to me, "I didn't get any cum." My baby likes her semen - and I like thinking about it splashing into her.

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D said...

I simply love this. I don't think a lot of women can feel it when a guys semen shoots into her. Knowing Dee enjoys it is a special turn on. Mac