Saturday, February 09, 2008

A Different Kind of Morning

I just watched Dee's car pull away from the curb a little while ago. She took Mike to a hockey game last night and he stayed at our usual motel overnight so he can play with us today. What he didn't know was that after she got home last night we changed the plan for him to come here this morning and decided that Dee would drive up to the motel to surprise him with a solo love making session first. Though it will be the 134th time that Mike and Dee will make love, it will be the first time that they'll so it without me being there with them. And this is the first time that I'm sitting here early in the morning while my wife is out making love with another man; her times with Dan have all been in the evenings so far.

Dee will be arriving there shortly and I know it won't take them long to get nude and down to their pleasurable and affectionate business. I'm sure that Mike will bring Dee to climax orally and that she'll lick and suck on his cock and balls not only to get him stiff. but long beyond his full erection simply to give him the unique sensations of her tongue and mouth working him over. I can almost hear his initial soft groan when Dee will guide him into her needy pussy and the dirty words with which she'll urge him to spray his pleasure deep inside her. My cock is deliciously hard in my pajamas and a steady stream of precum is oozing into the fabric. All I can do now is to think about what they're doing, and wait a few hours until I'll be able to release this building urge to ejaculate.

When Dee and Mike get back here we'll head upstairs. I can't wait to lick her pussy which will be swollen from the vigorous workout Mike's cock is going to give her and to taste what's left of his semen as it drizzles from her hole. And equally I'm just as eager to suck Mike's dick and get him hard so he can fuck her again while I watch him gush another warm load of his juice into her squirming bottom. Only then will I bring my own throbbing cock to the bed for Dee to suck it and then take it into her pussy. I will be at a heightened state of arousal and it won't take long at all until I'll feel Dee's warm walls, slick with her lover's goo, milking me dry.

When Dee's feet are high atop Mike's shoulders I know that the tip of his cock is deep inside my wife and kissing her cervix with every thrust of his hips. Even though her tubes are tied I still find it supremely arousing when I hear her lover's throaty growl, watch him push his cock as far into her as he can, and know that he's gushing his fertile semen right at the mouth of her womb.
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MikeCindynJoe said...


I can't wait to hear of your recounting of your anticipated tryst.


Sheen V said...

I *love* that picture of her pretty feet!

this girl said...

ok, that was just HOT!!!!

sugarrush said...

Just come across your blog. I will definatly be coming back!

sugarrush xx

rumple said...

I haven't heard anything about Sarah lately.